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Benefits Of Immediate Water Damage Restoration In Jacksonville

6/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Benefits Of Immediate Water Damage Restoration In Jacksonville Failure to attend to water damage can lead to mold growth, electrical hazards, and cause costly losses to your property.

Water Damage Restoration

Failure to attend to water damage can lead to mold growth, electrical hazards, and cause costly losses to your property. That means such incidents are stressing and the best line of action to take is to work with a team of restoration experts as you try to get your business or home back to its former state. It is vital for any Jacksonville resident to act within 48 hours from the time the water event took place.

When our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your Jacksonville property to address water damage, we immediately do a site inspection. With the help of specialized devices, we are in a position to determine the magnitude of the problem. By using moisture meters and infrared cameras, we can detect any hidden moisture in ceilings, walls, and floors. The inspection also helps us to find out salvageable contents, items that need replacement. With all these details, we formulate an appropriate restoration plan.

Water extraction is the next step that follows. During this process, our SERVPRO team can use pumps and truck-mounted systems to remove deep standing water. If we notice that the water has gone through your carpet or padding, we lift it and dry it separately or discard it when necessary. After removing the water through extraction and drying the site, there are chances of the structure having high humidity. When the humidity is high, there are chances of secondary water damage -like mold growth - taking place once condensation takes place. To prevent that, we perform dehumidification with the help of Desiccant Dehumidifiers and Refrigerant Dehumidifiers.

Water damage can make organ items to rot and emit odors. When there are strong odors at the site, our SERVPRO technicians may decide to perform ozone deodorization. We perform the process using ozone deodorizers which are machines that produce ozone, which breaks the molecular formula of the odors thus freshening up the area.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is to make your property “Like it never even happened.” You can reach us at any time of the day by calling (904) 762-8066 and get services from our highly trained and experienced technicians.

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How Combined Inventory Management Services Help Town Center Clothes Stores Survive Fire Damage

6/4/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial How Combined Inventory Management Services Help Town Center Clothes Stores Survive Fire Damage Town Center Retail Shops, Fire Damage, and SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

SERVPRO Provides Inclusive Efforts to Keep Businesses Open After a Fire

When fire damage hits clothing stores in Town Center, managing the disaster's fallout can be a nightmare for some business owners and managers. Fires, along with byproducts such as smoke and ash, can cause permanent damage to structural components and inventories alike. Most companies can only manage the effects of one side of the problem at once, but thanks to our expansive staff and experienced representatives, SERVPRO offers combined damage restoration and inventory management solutions for establishments in need of them.

Our Inventory Services
Tracking inventory for a clothes store after fire damage in Town Center can be difficult due to a large number of similar items present in most establishments. Identifying specific items lost in the fire and calculating their value may often be critical to receive appropriate insurance payouts, but the process of collecting and organizing this information in a way that is acceptable to the insurance provider can overwhelm many retail outlet owners and managers. Furthermore, conducting these services also gives a better idea of what treatments we may need to conduct to salvage any objects we can. SERVPRO has representatives on-hand with experience helping with these services and can take care of many of the administrative and legal functions without troubling you. Just ask about our inventory and insurance mediation capabilities when you place a call. But, we are not an insurance company and simply attempt to coordinate the task at hand with your adjuster.

Integrating Administrative Functions
All of our paperwork and business functions are conducted simultaneously with physical damage restorations. Our CCIS Content Claims Inventory Service is an effective tool. Our primary focus is always to get doors open and customers returning as fast as possible after a disaster, and we refuse to allow administrative functions to interfere with that goal. Our ability to concentrate both cleanups and restorations after the legally signed documents allow us to manage our teams better and operate within the bounds of safety and insurance guidelines set forth by both you and any relevant third parties.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South helps businesses in the local area to recover from the devastating effects of fire damage. For our expert services, call us 24/7 at (904) 762-8066.

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Water Removal and Mold Prevention in Baymeadows Homes

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Water Removal and Mold Prevention in Baymeadows Homes Water damage from any emergency must be remedied right away to help prevent a mold infestation. Contact team SERVPRO to discuss.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Dry Out Your Property and Help Prevent Mold from Forming

For many Baymeadows homes, stormwater or water from a plumbing issue can lead to other problems. Besides the physical damage to the structural and personal property, excess water can cause inert mold spores to expand and begin to grow throughout any residence. With enough water, a mold colony can feed and spread through almost any type of material.
Preventing mold damage means water removal for Baymeadows homes includes not just running pumps but also drying the interior as quickly as possible. SERVPRO Restoration can perform the entire process from drawing out standing water to drying carpets and remediating the effects of flooding in everything from carpets to walls.
Pumps can remove most of the water, but for wood floors and carpeting, that is not enough. Water can easily become trapped between floorboards, the nap of a carpet, and the pad underneath it. Our technicians can draw this water out using extraction wands. The devices also have a heating element built in, so team members can start to dry them and reduce the chance of mold growth carefully.
Water can make a carpet very heavy, so once technicians draw it out, they lift the carpet off the floor to examine it for physical damage such as the layers separating. If the pad shows any signs of damage, they remove and dispose of it. Carpet pads are cheap to replace, and once they begin to deteriorate, the process does not stop.
If SERVPRO technicians see any sign of mold on the carpet, they set it back on the floor and shampoo it with an anti-fungal agent mixed into the cleaner. After finishing, they set the carpet down again, but raise a section at opposite ends to dry it. Team members set up air movers on one side to force warm, dry air under and over the carpet surface while an exhaust fan at the other side draws the cooler, damp air away from the carpet and blows it outside of the affected area.
For floors and walls, they use the same equipment to draw out small, remaining amounts of moisture. Mold can quickly grow in the cracks between floorboards and feed on wall materials such as sheetrock and wood paneling. As the air movers and exhaust fans do their job, technicians can speed up the process by installing dehumidifiers to remove water from the air and lower the humidity.
Preventing mold is not the first concern of a homeowner standing in water, but it can be an expensive problem if not dealt with quickly. SERVPRO of Jacksonville South offers full-service water removal and mold prevention after a flood. If you need our services, call (904) 762-8066 today.

Flood Damage Repair In Town Center

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Repair In Town Center When storms wreak havoc on your home, our team will be there to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Always Has An Answer to Town Center Flood Damage

If a severe thunderstorm ever comes into Town Center, flooding of the region can occur. When the water outside gets deep, it can flow into your home and cause severe damage. The longer the water sits inside the house, the worse the loss can get.

When water saturates materials, they can lose their structural integrity and require replacement. SERVPRO's flood damage technicians in Town Center have extensive experience in restoring weather-related problems. We know that mitigating the issue in a timely fashion is vital to save materials and prevent mold formation.

If not mitigated promptly and adequately, water can saturate drywall and cause it to get removed. In many cases, our SERVPRO technicians remove the baseboard and cut the drywall up one or two feet from the floor. These "flood cuts" are made to remove the worst damaged drywall and allow air to get into the wall cavity. With the drywall removed from the bottom of the wall, air movers can push air up behind the remaining drywall drying it and the wooden studs out.

It is likely when water damage scenarios are severe that carpet and pad inside the home get removed. Carpet can delaminate from its backing and lose its structural integrity. If moisture stays in carpet and pad too long, mold growth can occur on the materials and the wooden subfloor underneath.

After all of the carpet and padding gets removed and disposed of, the subfloor can get dried out. Air moving systems speed up evaporation and dehumidifiers pull moisture out of the air. When the subfloor and wooden studs are exposed drying the materials is more efficient.

Excessive flooding can also cause damage to basements that sit below the ground. Often water flows into the basement from the ceiling. When this happens, the drywall in the ceiling often gets removed. Once the ceiling is removed, the floor joists and subfloor can be dried from the bottom.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

When drying structural components, it is essential that moisture levels meet IICRC standards before the equipment gets removed and the job is completed. If a storm causes you problems, call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at (904) 762-8066 any day of the week.

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Fire Damage Cleanup for Your San Marco Home

4/25/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Cleanup for Your San Marco Home If lightning strikes your home and causes a blaze, call the professionals at SERVPRO for thorough fire damage restoration services.

SERVPRO Responds Quickly to Begin the Cleanup and Restoration Process after Fire Damage

Natural disasters can happen fast in San Marco, and while flood damage comes to mind for most people when they think of big storms, there is also the potential for fires and fire damage. Lightning strikes which come with storms can create massive damage if they hit the ground and if your home gets struck you could have a significant blaze on your hands. The fact that you can never predict where a lightning bolt strikes is the worst part.

If the area you live in is frequently hit with storms, you should at least have an efficient evacuation plan for you and your family. If lightning strikes your San Marco home and causes fire damage, it is something you want to get taken care of as soon as possible. Our SERVPRO staff is here to help you whenever you need us, so get in touch with us as soon as the fire is out.

As IICRC certified restorers, we provide emergency services to protect both your home and your health. Our immediate objectives are to prevent fire and smoke damages from creating more damage to the property, to provide a safe work site, and to prepare the home for mitigation and restoration work. We may perform various emergency services to meet these needs.

Every fire loss is unique, so the kinds of emergency activities SERVPRO staff perform differs from one job to the next. They can include conducting building inspections to evaluate the loss site for safety or health hazards, boarding up the structure to secure your home against intrusions, and drying the building from firefighting efforts.

We may also need to establish emergency electricity to provide a temporary power source to the job site. In some situations, the degree of smoke odors present might need deodorization to make your home more habitable. The method used could be using air scrubbers or thermal fogging.

Sometimes, initial cleaning is beneficial. Initial cleaning could help prevent additional damage from soot if restoration is delayed. We can pre-clean furniture and carpets to remove the heaviest smoke. Acidic soot residues can be wiped from metals and porcelain. Charred materials are removed that could remind occupants of the fire loss.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South understands that fire in your home in Bayard, Avenues, or Southside is stressful and overwhelming, so we work to restore everything for you as soon as we can. Reach out to us at (904) 762-8066 after a fire so we can help you get your life back.  

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Protecting Your Belongings During Cleanup after Flood Damage Affects Your Jacksonville Residence

4/24/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Protecting Your Belongings During Cleanup after Flood Damage Affects Your Jacksonville Residence Flood damage can affect the floors as well as the furniture. Call SERVPRO for proper remediation.

Seek the professional help of SERVPRO when you find flood damage in your home

When severe weather events affect the residences in the Jacksonville area, the interior of your home might suffer dramatically. Many homeowners find that water from lakes and streams invade their home's living space by only an inch or two, but still make a mess of things located much higher. Restoring your home after a flood includes protecting your home's contents.

If your Jacksonville home suffers flood damage, protecting your belongings needs to start immediately, also. After we remove the majority of the water with our extraction equipment, we then proceed to remove any visible debris lying on your home's floors. This provides us with clearer walkways within your home, increasing safety levels.

As we remove flood damaged materials in your home, we also need to remove your family's belongings. We do this to protect them from possible damages, to ensure those items that require restoration receive it, and to remove anything that might hinder our work crews.

Working in teams of two people, we inventory and carefully box your items. Our employees carry this task out in a standardized manner, ensuring that your home's inventory sheets' format remains consistent from one room to another. We also make a note of items that show damage or other problems, and at times, take photos of the damage for later reference. These notes and other evidence can assist you in making insurance claims and replacing such items, as well.

Making your house "Like it never even happened." after flood damage includes taking care of your belongings. Correctly inventorying your items helps us return these to their proper locations inside your home. Working in groups of teams, SERVPRO knows how to restore your home's interior after flood damage while protecting undamaged belongings.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is always available to help residents in Town Center and Gate Parkway protect their property from flood damage. Call our 24-hour service line at (904) 762-8066 so we can start the work your home needs and deserves.

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What to Do When Your Fire Sprinklers Accidentally Go Off in Your Baymeadows Clothing Boutique

4/8/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial What to Do When Your Fire Sprinklers Accidentally Go Off in Your Baymeadows Clothing Boutique Water damage in your boutique can quickly cause damage to a great deal of merchandise. Contact SERVPRO right away should your store suffer damage.

SERVPRO Responds Quickly to a Water Damage Incident at Your Store

Sometimes false alarms occur, and while they are usually harmless, a false fire alarm in your clothing store can cause water damage. If the fire sprinklers are accidentally triggered, they can spew out an impressive amount of water per minute onto nothing more than your merchandise. Even if only a couple of the sprinklers end up turned on, they can still soak into the clothes, fashion accessories, and the carpet that they protect. Because these sprinklers can dispense so much water in just minutes, by the time they are turned off your store might be in need of some professional help.

We understand how vital it is to keep your business open. We are willing to work with you to make sure that happens. We can section off the commercial water damaged area in Baymeadows and work out of sight or even work during closed hours. We strive to be as unintrusive to your business as possible while still returning your store to its preloss condition.
SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians are skilled and know how to deal with the damaging water on your property. Depending on the extent of the water damage that the sprinklers caused to your merchandise and physical store, we can try to remediate the damage as swiftly as possible. We understand how critical it is to get the job done in a timely fashion and we strive to do just that.
Once SERVPRO arrives, we can investigate the damages and then employ the most efficient drying technique. Should water have soaked into the walls, we can use a wall cavity ventilation system to usher dry air into the space between the walls. We also can use refrigerant dehumidifiers to dry out the carpets in your store and axial fans to assist in creating a moisture-free environment.
When water damage occurs on the property of your business, do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at (904) 762-8066. Day or night, we can take your call and send our technicians to your property to get the job done swiftly.

Pack-Outs After Flood Damage To Your Jacksonville Home

3/27/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Pack-Outs After Flood Damage To Your Jacksonville Home Whether you live in a flood-prone area of Jacksonville or not, you could be at risk for flooding in your home at some point.

Flood Damage To Your Home

Whether you live in a flood-prone area of Jacksonville or not, you could be at risk for flooding in your home at some point. Heavy rains can create a situation like this by oversaturating the ground or overflowing nearby streams and rivers. Sometimes you have warning that flooding is possible, but in other situations, flash floods occur where there is no time to prepare for the disaster.

Storms like this can be quite devastating to your Jacksonville home and neighborhood. If you experience a situation like this and are left with flood damage to clean up, where do you begin? The best thing to do first is to get a hold of our professional staff at SERVPRO. We are trained to handle flood damage and can help you sort everything out, get the water back out of your home, and restore whatever is possible.

Although we try to avoid it, sometimes a move-out is necessary for a flooding situation. When your home is saturated with so much water, the contents of your home could become damaged from the moisture levels inside the home. High humidity can damage expensive upholstery or artwork.

Once all your possessions have been packed, boxed, tagged, inventoried, photographed and staged, SERVPRO staff can get ready to move them to a safe location. Contents are moved from the work site to a warehouse or storage facility where they can be cleaned.

Sometimes, the move itself of your items is sub-contracted. Usually, our staff clean the contents and your home from the flood damage but are not trained as professional movers. We can do the packing and cleaning of your items, while a moving company loads and transports them to and from an off-site location.

In this way, you can be assured that adequate furniture blankets and pads are used to prevent furniture from being scratched or damaged during transport. Drawers are secured, and items are correctly loaded into the truck. We go over with you all the dates of pack out, the time for restoration and cleaning, and when your home should be back together with all of your possessions in place again.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South does everything needed to protect your personal property during flood remediation to your home in San Marco, Deerwood, or Avenues. Give us a call right away at (904) 762-8066 after flooding has occurred in your home.

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When Clean Water Causes Flood Damage in Your Baymeadows Residence

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When Clean Water Causes Flood Damage in Your Baymeadows Residence Water damage can come from BOTH outside and inside sources. Should your home be facing water damage, contact SERVPRO for remediation.

Team SERVPRO Quickly Assesses How to Best Dry Out Your Flooded Property

It can be a highly traumatic experience when flooding occurs in your Baymeadows home. Flooding from other sources can also occur, such as when a water line breaks away from the back of an appliance. While these might seem cleaner than flooding from weather-related events, water in Category 1 can change.
If your home in Baymeadows sustains flood damage from an appliance, the clean water involved can become altered because of chemicals in your home. Some of these chemicals include cleaning agents and soaps, herbicides and pesticides, and fertilizers for plants. Other ordinarily innocuous items in your home can include kitty litter boxes, kennels, or recently applied floor treatments.
SERVPRO technicians begin removing the water as soon as the flow of water stops. With the use of either pump trucks, for those times when the home was vacant at the time the flooding began, or smaller extraction devices that we manipulate by hand for those occasions when someone caught the accident in its early stages, we remove the visible water.
After we remove the majority of the water, the moisture content can remain higher than average. As time elapses, this moisture can begin evaporating into the air, increasing the overall humidity and allowing it to spread. Because of this, we use a combination of heaters, air movers, desiccant machines, dehumidifiers, and moisture extraction mats. Each piece of equipment helps us complete a crucial part of the drying out process a home with flood damage requires.
Our goal in restoring your home is to make everything "Like it never even happened." by the time we leave. The many components of your home react differently when exposed to water or moisture, but our IICRC certificates mean we come to your home prepared for such situations. No job is too small for us, nor too large. We view any amount of flood damage as something we need to mitigate. Otherwise, the damage increases within your home continuously merely because moisture only recycles itself, never disappearing, until we remove it from your residence.
SERVPRO of Jacksonville South helps homeowners and businesses in our local communities, including Bayard, Town Center, and San Marco. If you live near these areas and your home suffers from appliance-caused flood damage, contact us at (904) 762-8066 for expert and reliable assistance.

San Marco's Fire Damage Technicians

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage San Marco's Fire Damage Technicians SERVPRO arrives quickly and works hard to thoroughly restore your home after fire damage, leaving it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Technicians Study Fire Theory to Better Understand How to Properly Clean Fire Damage

If a fire ever burns inside your San Marco home, various types of damage likely occur. Any fire that ignites creates heat, flames, and smoke. All three of the things associated with fires damage your home in different ways.

Most times heat and flames cause the most damage, but smoke spreads a further distance. SERVPRO's fire damage professionals in San Marco study fire theory and know how it behaves. The best way to find all damaged areas inside a building is to track where smoke went based on its usual behavior.

Usually, damage resulting from heat and direct flame exposure is easily noticeable. With some surfaces, it is possible to remove charred material by cleaning or sanding. Other times, heat burns materials severely enough to where they get removed and replaced.

Smoke, on the other hand, spreads all over a building and is possibly harder to find. Smoke always rises inside a structure because it is hotter than the indoor air. Then, smoke travels around based on the airflow inside.

Smoke penetrates some materials, causing pungent odors inside your house. It also leaves behind soot residues. These residues discolor surfaces and sometimes deteriorate materials.

The first step to removing any odor is to eliminate the source. Burnt materials create foul odors that cease once they get removed. Soot residues that remain on surfaces inside the building also produce smells that linger.

Once the odor's source gets removed, usually burnt smells no longer exist. However, even though the cause of the unpleasant aroma is gone, there is a chance that the problem does not get permanently fixed. Foul odors possibly return unless an odor control process takes place.

After the burnt materials and soot residues get taken out of the picture, any odor particles in the air get removed during the odor control procedures. In most cases, smells get masked or covered up by more pleasant aromas. However, there are many different methods to achieve the above task.

Most times a few different approaches get used when solving an issue with odor. If you ever need professional help dealing with smoke, call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at (904) 762-8066 for assistance any time of the day, every day of the week.

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