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Is Mold Growing in Your Jacksonville Home Ductwork?

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Inadequately maintained ventilation systems are a breeding ground for mold. Make sure yours is inspected regularly.

Mold Remediation for the Ductwork in Your Jacksonville Home

When you’ve had a water leak in your Jacksonville home, you may now also have mold lurking in hidden areas, such as your ductwork. A trained eye is needed to help you to find it and clean it out, as mold, especially in ductwork, can cause health effects for you and your family as it gets spread throughout your home.  

You should not hesitate to get mold remediation services in Jacksonville, as mold continues to grow as it is allowed to sit. SERVPRO technicians can come to your rescue quickly with the expertise and tools needed to find the mold and then clean it, so it does not spread further.  

Sometimes the biggest culprit for poor indoor air quality is an inadequately maintained ventilation system. Throw mold into the mix, and you have a much bigger problem. Signs that dangerous fungi are lurking in your ductwork include a musty odor and visible mold growth around your heating and cooling system ducts. Even if you cannot see the mold, but suspect it, calling us right away is the smart thing to do.  

SERVPRO staff have special tools we can use to detect any hidden moisture and mold. Cleaning the mold, yourself is never a good idea, because doing so sends spores out into the air, worsening an already problematic situation. Our certified and trained techs can efficiently and safely remove the mold from the air ducts in your home in a few hours. We insert suctioning devices on the climate-control vents, then use vacuuming devices to suction mold from the vents or air ducts. To verify that your home is safe, we collect mold contamination from the connectors and hoses and keep them sealed in bags.  

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South understands that getting the mold cleaned from your home in Southside, Town Center, or Gate Parkway is essential to do thoroughly and quickly to prevent further issues. Reach out to us immediately when you suspect a problem by dialing (904) 762-8066, and we can restore your home to the safe environment it was before.

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Our State-Of-The-Art Equipment Can Restore Your Mold Damaged Jacksonville Home

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Living in a Jacksonville home that contains mold and mildew can become a stressful situation.

The Equipment Used By SERVPRO Technicians During Remediation Of Mold Damage In Jacksonville Homes

Living in a Jacksonville home that contains mold and mildew can become a stressful situation. Clothing develops odor and carpeting never seems to smell fresh. These situations happen because of the spores released by many mold strains during active growth.

When we arrive at a home in Jacksonville to remediate mold damage, we bring a variety of tools and materials along with us. These tools help us perform the work remediation requires. Some tools are probably very familiar to you, such as box cutters, measuring tapes, hammers, and drills. Materials also include everyday items like plastic sheeting and non-marking tape. There are several other tools that we use when we restore a home through remediation.

To help clean the air of mold spores and dust that our work often generates, we use air scrubbers. These machines pull air into them and through a HEPA filter. As the air passes through, anything in the air becomes trapped by the filter. We often use these as part of small containment areas we set up with the plastic sheeting and non-marking tape to pull air out of the area and direct it outside of your home. This setup removes the bulk of the spores and dust before they can ever settle onto the floor.

Our commercial grade vacuums also come with HEPA filters, and we use these wherever we create dust and debris, which happens when we cut away moldy materials, drill holes, or remove baseboards. Our experts always clean up after we finish our work, including removing nails, materials we removed, and later, plastic sheeting, tape, and anything else that helped us complete the job.

Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) knows that microbial infestations can hide in locations that you may rarely see. Finding these becomes easier with the use of an infrared thermal imaging device, as it quickly shows where cooler temperatures exist in the materials making up your home. Cooler temperatures often exist due to the presence of moisture, which can allow mold damage to develop quickly.

We also rely heavily on our ability to work as a team together, as well as partner with you in restoring your home. Our dedication to remediating your home of all mold damage and restoring normal microbial population levels also assists us in providing a service that you are satisfied with and that protects your home.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South regularly provides homeowners in Bayard and Southside with professional mold damage remediation. Call us at (904) 762-8066 if you locate mold growing inside your home.

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The Advantages Of Hiring Our Team To Remediate Your Mold Damage Issue In Jacksonville

10/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in Jacksonville can be a real problem for homeowners.

Get Rid Of Mold Damage With SERVPRO In Jacksonville

After water or flood damage, your house might experience some mold infestation. Mold can form spores in a very moist environment. The spores are microscopic and can float in the air and travel around from places to places without anyone noticing it. If mold damage is left unmanaged, it can lead to some health issues.

Mold damage in Jacksonville can be a real problem for homeowners. People often think that they can clean out the excess water or put soap and water on a towel, and wipe the mold away from the floor or the walls. Unfortunately, these mold spores are microscopic, so they often go unnoticeable. This issue is why eradicating mold spores requires a specialist and advanced technology. It can be exhausting and expensive to learn all the information and to obtain the equipment on your own.

SERVPRO has highly trained technician who is experts in mold remediation. They can promptly get to your residential area and inspect it for any signs of mold. Because mold feeds on cellulose and can hide from plain sight, experts often use various technologies to detect mold spores and water sources. They may use negative air chamber to isolate contaminated sites with negative air and physical barriers. The negative pressure can prevent the mold from spreading during the cleaning process. During this process, all heating, cooling, and fans must be turned off to prevent the spread of spores.

SERVPRO techs can use sophisticated equipment such as air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to capture microscopic spores from the air. This process can prevent the mold spore from spreading throughout the remediation process. The technicians can also use antifungal and anti-microbial treatment to get rid of mold colonies and prevent new ones from forming. They can even get rid of carpeting and drywall that is severely infested by mold. The technicians can thoroughly clean your furniture, curtains, clothes, and other items that were contaminated. They can utilize special techniques to clean and sanitize your belongings.

If you want to save your property from mold damage, then call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at 904-762-8066 for a consultation with our skilled technicians.

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Removing Mold And Remediating Damage in Jacksonville Properties

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

HEPA Filtration Systems Are Utilized by SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Jacksonville

SERVPRO Provides Industry Leading Technologies and Equipment for Mold Damage Cleanup and Disinfecting

Removing a mold infestation and remediating its effects from Jacksonville homes requires professional service. When the mold has spread through an attic or into several rooms, it takes much more than a gallon of bleach and a new coat of paint to return a home to its original condition.

Jacksonville mold damage can occur anywhere, in any home. All mold spores need is a minimal amount of moisture to expand and grow. Once it starts, the mold begins moving outward, looking for a food source. SERVPRO restoration teams use the latest remediation methods and equipment to return each home to a clean, safe condition.

First, our teams stop the growth by eliminating the source of water. The cause is usually from a damaged pipe or a leaky connection. Our technicians can tighten connections and perform many minor repairs to sinks, toilets, and other plumbing. If the leak is a major issue, however, the restoration team leader recommends hiring a licensed plumber to make repairs.

Next, SERVPRO technicians neutralize and remove existing mold. In most areas of the home, technicians start by spraying the mold and affected surfaces with an anti-fungal cleaning agent. In most areas of the home, they follow-up by wiping down the surfaces with a dry or damp sponge. When the mold layer is thick, technicians use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This specialized filter is designed to trap mold spores, and can even capture a single spore off surfaces.

For mold found in the attic, one of the newest removal methods available is soda blasting. Similar to sandblasting, technicians use sodium bicarbonate in a pressure abrasive blaster to remove mold from roof supports and the attic floor. After completion, technicians use a vacuum and HEPA filter to remove everything.

If mold has infested the attic insulation, our technicians remove it immediately. While it is possible to neutralize the mold spores with an anti-fungal spray, the liquid also compacts the insulation and reduces its effectiveness in keeping the home cool in the summer.

After discovering mold, every homeowner needs to bring a professional restoration company. SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is here to help you return your home to its original, pre-mold condition. If you need us, call (904) 762-8066 today.

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Cleaning and Removing Mold From Town Center Homes

6/24/2018 (Permalink)

Finding mold on the wall in your home is certainly disconcerting. Contact SERVPRO immediately for remediation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand the Three Major Tasks After Finding the Source of the Mold Infestation in Your Home

The first sign of mold for Town Center residents is that telltale ‘musty’ odor everyone recognizes. In some cases, it is the only sign that a homeowner ever notices.
Once we are called in, SERVPRO technicians often trace mold damage in Town Center homes using that odor as well. Although we can use air content meters to analyze mold spore counts, it is often easier and faster to find the starting growth point for a mold colony just by following our sense of smell.
After we find the starting point, our technicians have three tasks: Stop current growth, kill the active spores, and clean the home to prevent future mold growth. Team members stop the growth by finding and eliminating the source of water that allows the spores to expand and search for food and more moisture.
In most homes, the water source is a small leak from a leaking pipe connection or even a rubber washer that needs replacing. SERVPRO specialists can fix these small issues quickly, but if they find a major leak, the team leader recommends the homeowner bring in a licensed contractor or plumber. After stopping the leak, our personnel can remove any puddles or other standing water with sponges and cloths.
If there is a large amount of water, they use extraction wands. The wands we use are commercial grade versions of a Water-Vac, but are adjustable in speed and have more options to draw out water from tight places in attics or crawlspaces. Once the water source is gone, the mold rapidly returns to an inert state and growth stops immediately.
Next, our restoration team wipes down every affected area with a dry sponge which removes the majority of the inert spores. Then they spray an anti-fungal agent over spots where the mold layer is thick. The chemical breaks up the clumps of spores, kills the few remaining active spores, and allows our specialists to remove them easily. The agents evaporate quickly, so our teams leave a clean, dry structure for the homeowner and residents to reoccupy.
If you suspect there is mold in your home, call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South today at (904) 762-8066. That musty odor is a warning you cannot ignore, so let us help you get rid of it.

Water Removal and Mold Prevention in Baymeadows Homes

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage from any emergency must be remedied right away to help prevent a mold infestation. Contact team SERVPRO to discuss.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Quickly to Dry Out Your Property and Help Prevent Mold from Forming

For many Baymeadows homes, stormwater or water from a plumbing issue can lead to other problems. Besides the physical damage to the structural and personal property, excess water can cause inert mold spores to expand and begin to grow throughout any residence. With enough water, a mold colony can feed and spread through almost any type of material.
Preventing mold damage means water removal for Baymeadows homes includes not just running pumps but also drying the interior as quickly as possible. SERVPRO Restoration can perform the entire process from drawing out standing water to drying carpets and remediating the effects of flooding in everything from carpets to walls.
Pumps can remove most of the water, but for wood floors and carpeting, that is not enough. Water can easily become trapped between floorboards, the nap of a carpet, and the pad underneath it. Our technicians can draw this water out using extraction wands. The devices also have a heating element built in, so team members can start to dry them and reduce the chance of mold growth carefully.
Water can make a carpet very heavy, so once technicians draw it out, they lift the carpet off the floor to examine it for physical damage such as the layers separating. If the pad shows any signs of damage, they remove and dispose of it. Carpet pads are cheap to replace, and once they begin to deteriorate, the process does not stop.
If SERVPRO technicians see any sign of mold on the carpet, they set it back on the floor and shampoo it with an anti-fungal agent mixed into the cleaner. After finishing, they set the carpet down again, but raise a section at opposite ends to dry it. Team members set up air movers on one side to force warm, dry air under and over the carpet surface while an exhaust fan at the other side draws the cooler, damp air away from the carpet and blows it outside of the affected area.
For floors and walls, they use the same equipment to draw out small, remaining amounts of moisture. Mold can quickly grow in the cracks between floorboards and feed on wall materials such as sheetrock and wood paneling. As the air movers and exhaust fans do their job, technicians can speed up the process by installing dehumidifiers to remove water from the air and lower the humidity.
Preventing mold is not the first concern of a homeowner standing in water, but it can be an expensive problem if not dealt with quickly. SERVPRO of Jacksonville South offers full-service water removal and mold prevention after a flood. If you need our services, call (904) 762-8066 today.

Is Your HVAC Or Other Climate Control System Contributing To Mold Damage In Your Jacksonville Home?

1/13/2018 (Permalink)

Moisture and Humidity in Jacksonville Can Result in a Mold Remediation Service by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tip:  Control Moisture and Humidity to Reduce the Chance of Mold Infestations

Mold control requires proper moisture management, which can be a struggle in Jacksonville. The hot, humid climate we enjoy for most of the year means that the mold spores always in the air and on surfaces have a better than average chance at coming in contact with enough moisture to support growth into full-blown mold colonies. Partnering with our mold remediation team helps rid your home of current mold issues and plan for a mold minimization strategy in the future.

Homes in Jacksonville risk mold damage if their climate control systems are not striking a balance between cooling and humidity control. If mold only grew when there was noticeable water damage, preventing outbreaks would be straightforward. In areas of the country where the average outside humidity equals or exceeds 60 percent most days of the year, the fungi are harder to manage. Our technicians are aware of this added challenge and consider it as a potential moisture source as we contain and remove existing colonies of mold in your home. Only when moisture is eliminated, or limited as in the case of humidity, can we hope to assist you in preventing further mold growth.

Mold can begin multiplying when air moisture levels are higher than 60 percent, indoors and out. SERVPRO can help you determine a course of action to lower indoor humidity permanently if our assessment of your mold damage problem indicates higher humidity may be the culprit. During our inspection of your premises, we search for leaks and evidence of spills or flooding that did not receive adequate remediation as possible causes for mold growth. We also consider the chance that mold is fueled primarily by humidities of 60 to 70 percent or higher in your home.

SERVPRO technicians are skilled in the use of moisture monitors and infrared scanning devices to locate hidden water and measure the moisture content of air and structures in your home. If we find that ambient humidity is in the range where it is likely to encourage mold spores to grow and reproduce, we work in all ways practical to reduce humidity levels to the 30 to 50 percent range.

One option SERVPRO evaluates carefully is your HVAC system or freestanding air conditioning units. A visual inspection of the ducts may reveal moisture or even mold colonies. Our team can clean and dry out the system to stop the recirculation of moisture and mold within your dwelling. If the AC and dehumidification functions are miscalibrated, you can have your vendor realign settings so that cooling and drying of our moist Florida air is stabilized. On occasion, an AC unit or system may be too big for the space cooled. This contributes to mold issues as the air is cooled too quickly, and the equipment does not cycle long enough to reduce humidity to the 30 to 50 percent level.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South remediates mold damage following EPA protocols and investigates the reasons moisture is an issue in your home. Call (904) 762-8066 to obtain this full-spectrum assistance to solve mold issues today and tomorrow.

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Town Center Mold Concerns Solved

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

A mold infestation can cause serious health effects. Call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South to remediate the situation!

SERVPRO Can Solve All Mold Issues In Your Town Center Property

The humid, subtropical climate of Jacksonville puts Town Center at risk of mold growth. The past year also reflects record-breaking rainfall totals for the area, increasing the threat that excess water may contribute to unexpected and unwanted microbial activity. Dealing with mold damage in a locality that experiences both high humidity and significant rainfall need the help of professional mold remediators.

As frustrating as it may sound, the truth is that not even the best restoration and mold damage remediation service in Town Center can promise a mold free environment. The life cycle of mold must be well understood if one is to devise a comprehensive plan to limit its effect on your property. We take a comprehensive approach when we respond to a customer’s request to remediate mold. Educating our customers about how to manage mold now and into the future is a crucial part of our mold remediation program.

Mold spores are continually sharing space with us, both indoors and out. Their growth actually serves many beneficial purposes in the natural world, breaking down and recycling organic debris. Mold growth becomes an issue when it chooses our interior spaces as a favored spot. It is unsightly, smells unpleasant, and has the potential to damage the structure and contents of property, breaking down the same type of organic material it seeks in the outdoors. Also, for individuals sensitive or allergic to the compounds produced by molds as they grow, irritation can become a problem. SERVPRO mold remediation experts contain and remove mold growth damaging your property and threatening your well-being. We then recommend proven strategies to limit additional mold damage going forward.

A mold spore is inert and harmless until it absorbs moisture and begins rapid growth. The challenge we have in Florida is minimizing not only water excesses but also humidity levels over 60 percent. High humidity by itself can exacerbate mold issues. SERVPRO technicians work with you to identify the source of moisture that underlies the mold damage we just remediated for your property. We then advise how to eliminate the water, including repair and maintenance tips, or how to lower water vapor levels to between 30 and 50 percent. Vigilance in ridding your property of the water that fuels the mold is the only sure way to avoid a reinfestation.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Contact SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at (904) 762-8066 for a comprehensive mold damage evaluation. We strive to develop a plan that works for you on an ongoing basis, managing mold without panic but with techniques that are effective.

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Extra Problems Crop Up from Improper Mold Damage Remediation in Jacksonville

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

No matter how severe the mold infestation is, our SERVPRO team will remediate it "Like it never even happened."

Let SERVPRO Properly Remediate Mold From Your Jacksonville Residential Home

Merely scraping mold off of a surface and giving the area a quick sanitization effort is rarely enough to eliminate mold damage in a Jacksonville home. Mold must be dealt with careful, thorough, and professional means; otherwise, the homeowner may face some grave consequences. SERVPRO provides certified, premium mold remediation solutions, ensuring that all threat from the fungus is indefinitely removed from your home and that none of these secondary effects get a chance to appear after we leave.

Returned Mold Growth

One of the most important reasons to contact a professional company like SERVPRO to handle any mold damage in your Jacksonville home is to prevent any chance of the same colony returning. If mold is improperly cleaned, handled, or removed, left-behind spores and patches of growth can flare up into a new, often much more virulent infestation than existed previously. In some cases, this new mold growth can be much harder to remove because any surviving spores may be much harder than those that died off from previous treatments. We use advanced sanitization and air filtration technology to remove as many spores as possible from the building, and bring chances of renewed mold damage down to a minimum.

Water Damage

In the majority of cases our SERVPRO technicians see in the field, mold is not the only factor causing damage to the home. Most mold colonies start to grow only after a source of water has caused other types of damage to the house, leaving materials soaked and vulnerable to mold. We clean up and restore any water damages we come across in addition to the mold.


Even if you can somehow remove all traces of mold damage without specialized equipment, you are almost certainly not done dealing with its effects. Odors from mold damage can persist for long after the mold has otherwise been cleaned up, and require relatively heavy equipment to eliminate. We use advanced chemical fogging technology to remove all odors from the home, both those heavy in the air and deeply embedded in building materials.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South provides thorough, professional, and certified mold damage restoration services to the local area. Give us a call at (904) 762-8066.

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Attic Mold Damage Remediation in Jacksonville

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Jacksonville South, we say no to mold!

SERVPRO Can Defeat Mold in Your Jacksonville Home

Attic mold is common in Jacksonville like in most other areas. After all, it is a natural part of our environment. The problem begins when it becomes concentrated indoors, where it may damage building materials and cause health issues. The leading causes of attic mold growth are improper ventilation and existing roof leaks.

In the event of mold damage in Jacksonville, contact SERVPRO immediately for mold damage remediation services. Getting rid of mold for the long term requires professional help, and tackling the problem on your own may lead to health implications. Our technicians are IICRC approved and have access to advanced tools and products to annihilate mold growth.

Mold damage remediation begins with finding and correcting the source of the moisture problem. In the case of attic mold, the most likely culprits are poor ventilation or roof leaks. Acting fast is important to avoid severe structural and aesthetic damage to the house.

Once we have fixed the moisture issue, we proceed to remove the mold itself. SERVPRO technicians have effective techniques for dealing with all types of mold, whether it is green mold, black mold, or other varieties. To contain the mold spores in one area, we seal off space with plastic sheeting and tape.

A wet vacuum is particularly effective at treating mold damage. We use it to clean up water soaked surfaces, remove any standing water, and vacuum up the mold itself. A dry vacuum is ill-advised when it comes mold remediation because it tends to launch mold spores into the air.

To kill the mold, our specialists apply an approved fungicide using either a fogger or a sprayer. We then clean the area thoroughly to avoid future growth. The cleanup process may include scraping, scrubbing, cleaning up dirt and debris with a vacuum, and even moving out furniture, building materials and other items contaminated by mold.

The last part of mold damage remediation involves drying out the area using fans, dehumidifiers, and other equipment. Note that drying out the area thoroughly is crucial to prevent the mold from resurfacing again. In fact, mold continues to grow until the moisture leakage issues are resolved.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Protect your attic from being overrun by mold damage by contacting SERVPRO of Jacksonville South. As a locally operated business, we have the means to arrive quickly to get rid of mold growth in your house. For emergency services, call us today at (904) 762-8066.

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Mold Damage Remediation Services in Jacksonville

8/11/2017 (Permalink)

The purpose of mold damage remediation is to eliminate any mold growing inside the house and to prevent exposing you to large amounts of mold.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Your Residential Mold Damage Emergency 

It is easy to ignore a simple pipe leakage when it happens, but the results can be costly. Dripping water from burst pipes can penetrate the walls and eventually find its way onto carpets and other house items. Failure to dry these items within 24-48 hours can lead to mold and mildew growth. These fungi thrive in moist environments. In the house, they can grow on cardboards, ceiling, tiles, wood products, foods, plants, fabrics, drywall, carpets, and other materials. While they have their purpose in nature, they can cause health effects.

Following a water damage incident, it is important to have a mold remediation company check your house for mold growth. If you are looking for mold damage control services in Jacksonville, SERVPRO has qualified technicians with adequate equipment for the job. Our techniques are up to par with IICRC recommendations, and our emergency response is quick and efficient.

Water damage situations provide an excellent environment for mold growth. Molds feed on organic materials such as natural fibers, drywall, paper, and wood. Additionally, they thrive in typical building temperatures of between 68 and 86 degrees F (meaning either extremely hot or cold temperatures). Some can survive in low relative humidity levels (up to 65 degrees low), but most prefer lots of moisture. To control their growth, our technicians use different equipment to reduce the RH to below 60%.

The purpose of mold damage remediation is to eliminate any mold growing inside the house and to prevent exposing you to large amounts of mold. To do this effectively, SERVPRO technicians have to calculate the extent of the contamination. Indeed, mold does not always grow in one place.

Based on our calculations, we can determine the most efficient method and products to use. The idea is to stop the water source, remove all moisture, and dry the area completely to avoid future mold growth. Air movers are particularly useful in drying a mold-damaged area. They create airflow at the surface level, allowing moisture into the air in the form of vapor. Drier air fills up the vacuum created, thus accelerating evaporation.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Molds may (or can) cause health effects if not addressed. As a locally-based water damage restoration company, SERVPRO of Jacksonville South can arrive quickly to control the mold damage. Call us today at (904) 762-8066.

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Don't Let Mold Take Over Your Jacksonville Home

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Mold spores are smaller than the smallest seed.

Mold Remediation And Restoration

Ask owners about protecting their home, and you hear about hurricanes, fires, home invasion, and flooding. If they mention mold at all, it is almost as an afterthought. Since the costs to restore or repair homes from mold are in the millions each year, the mold should be higher on the list than keeping the neighborhood dogs off the front lawn.

Stopping mold damage in Jacksonville is not a simple process, but SERVPRO has decades of experience in getting the job done, no matter how far mold spores have grown through and sometimes into a home. To understand how pervasive a mold infestation can be and how difficult it is get rid of one, it is helpful to know how they grow and spread.

Mold spores are smaller than the smallest seed. A group of thousands is just slightly larger than each dot on a pair of dice. They stay dormant until something disturbs them. The cause can be a breeze or a hard shake of some type. The spores which break away remain dormant unless they encounter enough moisture to cause them to expand.

Once they begin to expand, the spores send out hyphae. These structures grow across and into surfaces, looking for food and additional moisture. Favorite food sources are building materials such as ceiling tiles and drywall. They also feed and grow rapidly on carpet fibers like cotton, wool, and rayon. The temperature ranges most molds expand under is from 68 to 86 degrees, but some grow in temperatures as high as 122 degrees.

The way we stop mold growth is to eliminate one of those factors, moisture, food, or temperature. Removing every food source is impossible and permanently lowering or raising the temperature is simply too expensive. We use pumps and smaller extractors to remove standing water and then test the surrounding air and material for excess moisture.

After testing, we set up dehumidifiers and air movers to lower moisture. The dehumidifiers draw water directly out of the air; up to a rate of 30 gallons per day depending on the device we use and the humidity level. Our air movers force warm, dry air over the surface of the affected structural material and other property.

Restoration is not a quick set of procedures, but SERVPRO of Jacksonville South understands that the first step to returning your home to a normal condition is to understand the situation and then act quickly. Call us today at (904) 762-8066 to set up an inspection.

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Mold Damage in Baymeadows Homes can Affect Any Room

1/12/2017 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Your Baymeadows Home, Be Safe

Many Conditions Can Result in the Need for Mold Remediation

Mold is not particular about where it settles. Spores, which is how mold spreads, can grow on almost any surface. Surfaces that are porous or semi-porous can hold moisture for longer periods of time, increasing the chances that mold will eventually take home and begin to damage the items it is growing on. Because many of these surfaces can absorb moisture, they are also able to be penetrated by mold itself, leaving nearly permanent stains.
Baymeadows homes that do not have a functional dehumidifier run a much higher risk of developing mold damage. Having an air conditioner or central air is often not sufficient in reducing humidity levels in a home. Remediation efforts for mold damage should not overlook these two possible sources of mold. Air ducts and locations surrounding units, as well as surrounding areas in attics and crawl spaces should also be included.
At SERVPRO, we know that for mold remediation, efforts must be through and even aggressive in nature to remove the cause of the fungi infestation. Otherwise, restorative work is very likely to become contaminated and need restoration itself shortly. This isn't to say that remediation will remove all mold in a home – that isn't possible. Mold is always in the air, both inside and outdoors, on clothing and shoes, in your vehicles, even in the soil around your home and garden. When it begins to grow in expanded areas, uncontrollably, is when problematic situations with mold damage arise.

This is why, in addition to the physical restorative work of removing and replacing damaged areas in a home, and cleaning other areas where mold has settled on non-porous furnishings, we also use equipment to clean the air inside of your home. We know that full containment isn't possible without these, and understand that placement of these is also very important. Air scrubbers can clean the air of particles that are extremely small and will eliminate bacteria and viruses, in addition to mold spores, from the air your family breathes. Because their number will be greatly reduced (never fully eliminated), there is no risk of them starting additional colonies.
Mold damage can often be a sign of ongoing water leaks or other ways water is entering your home. We have moisture meters and humidity detectors that can pinpoint the underlying problem. Then, we can eliminate it, ensuring that mold damage won't be a problem in the future. Our technicians can also advise you on how to prevent conducive conditions for mold proliferations.
The professionals at SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at (904) 762-8066 are always ready to take your call.

Mold Damage Remediation Services In Spring Park

12/1/2016 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO remove any mold in your Spring Park home or business.

Mold growth occurs naturally on a continual basis within our environment. With that said, it is important to understand that removing mold entirely is simply not possible. It grows and exists everywhere, but, there are proven methods used today to limit exposure and contain the spread of mold throughout your home.
Learn how the services that we offer at our Spring Park offices can assist in mold damage remediation. We can help you understand the conditions that cause mold to grow and teach you how to prevent major infestations from happening.
One of the main steps in preventing the growth and spread of mold is control of the environment. You should attempt to maintain less than 50% humidity within your home. There are several dehumidifiers that you can purchase to accomplish this goal. Removing as much moisture as possible and eliminating any potential water sources can contribute to controlling the spread of mold in your home.
At SERVPRO we have experienced situations where mold spores lie dormant and wait until the perfect conditions exist so that they can cause massive contamination within a relatively small amount of time. It isn't impossible for you to have visibly infested areas cleaned, only to have other areas pop up throughout your home a short time later.
Our technicians at SERVPRO perform a thorough analysis to determine possible moisture patterns to prevent this from happening. We also perform tests on the surrounding area, including the air, carpets, curtains and other fabrics, as well as other surfaces within the contaminated area for possible infestation.
SERVPRO technicians understand how important venturing into the walls and crawl spaces is a significant step to removal and future prevention. Wood, drywall, insulation, and paper are all highly absorbent materials that mold uses to grow colonies and spread its spores.
You and your pets could be tracking microscopic mold spores from room to room without ever realizing it. Carpets absorb moisture and develop mold growth which can be prevented by properly drying your footwear, bathing your pets regularly and cleaning your carpets with the proper equipment. Remember, there is no way to remove it entirely, the goal here is to limit our exposure and eliminate the conditions that allow it to flourish within your home.
Learn more about the characteristics and behavior of mold within your home by contacting us at SERVPRO of Jacksonville South; we're waiting to provide you with the services that you need. (904) 762-8066

Where Can Mold Damage Spread To?

9/30/2016 (Permalink)

Mold reproduces relatively quickly, and can easily spread out across a home and create additional colonies.

Where Mold Is Likely To Grow In Your Property

If you have discovered a colony of mold growing in your home, you may be alarmed that it will spread to other materials and regions of the house. Mold reproduces relatively quickly, and can easily spread out across a home and create additional colonies. Sometimes, mold spores may remain dormant until they find the perfect growing conditions in your home, and so there may still be problems days or weeks after you thought the problem was stamped out. To prevent this, SERVPRO does a thorough analysis of wetness and causative factors in the home, but you should also understand where mold is most likely to spread in your home.
Carpeting across your home has a relatively high chance of incurring additional mold damage in Jacksonville. Carpets often absorb the same moisture as higher-elevation spots of damage, and thus can easily develop mold growth even if they were not the original focal point in your damages. Furthermore, carpets in different rooms can easily transfer mold spores between each other when a human or pet steps on a developing mold patch, carrying a large mass of microscopic mold spores without ever realizing it.
Curtains, Towels, and Fabrics in Bathrooms
No matter where the mold damage is in your home, fabrics in your bathroom may be at an elevated risk simply because they are constantly in a warm, moist environment. Mold spores spread through the air across your home, and there is little to be done about this, but reducing the amount of moisture affecting fabrics and organic materials in the bathroom can help prevent mold.
Behind Walls and in Attics
The materials behind walls and in attics are commonly made of wood and perhaps paper, two highly absorbent, organic substances which are highly favored by mold. If any kind of moisture reaches these regions, mold will grow quickly in them. We use advanced detection equipment to measure humidity and risk in these areas for further mold growth.
SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is a locally-owned company with national assets to help stamp out even the toughest mold cases in the community. Call us 24/7 at (904) 762-8066 for mold remediation or services.

Preventing Mold Damage in Your Residence

6/6/2016 (Permalink)

A naturally occurring fungus, mold usually is found lurking in damp, dark environments in your Town Center property.

Mold Damage in Your Residence

It is a common thing nowadays where people are taking care of their health, so why shouldn’t this include your home as well? Mold damage in Town Center can, unfortunately, go unnoticed, but can be harmful to the health of you and your family. A naturally occurring fungus, mold usually is found lurking in damp, dark environments. The perfect places for mold to grow can include basements and attics. Another place which mold can find its foothold is on certain appliances, like humidifiers or indoor vented dryers. Mold is commonly found growing on organic materials as well, like wood, which means there is most likely several places in your which mold could be hiding. If, however, your home is watertight like it should be, then mold shouldn’t be a very big concern. Usually, mold indicates that there is moisture or a leak of some kind in the near vicinity.

After a flood, for instance, mold can easily take over your home. This is the very reason it is critical to making sure that your home is quickly and properly dried if a flood does occur. Although you will want to call in a professional mold remediation service such as SERVPRO because we have the proper tools and protection to do the job right, there are some simple things you can remember to do as well to help make sure mold doesn’t develop or spread further than it has already.

-Get rid of any objects which have mold on them: if you can’t for any reason, you can also freeze them to kill any mold spores that are active.
-Keep humidity and temperatures low: mold thrives in an atmosphere that is moist and warm.
-Ensure that the area is completely dry: if you keep it dry, chances that mold will develop or spread will be quite low.

If you do suspect that you have Town Center mold damage to your residence, have our technicians at SERVPRO look at your structure right away. We have all the tools and equipment to find the source of the moisture, clean the mold up properly and dry the area out thoroughly, all while protecting ourselves with the right gear.

You can reach our professionally trained staff at SERVPRO of Jacksonville South by calling any time at (904) 762-8066 to allow us to come and look at your damages related to mold. Don’t attempt to clean it yourself, but let us do so, as we have the proper cleaners and methods to clean the mold correctly and lessen a chance of regrowth.

Mold Inspection And Remediation in Jacksonville: A Brief Overview

9/3/2015 (Permalink)

Stop the Mold and then Renovate

Professional Mold Remediation in Jacksonville Calls for an Expert Company

One of the most serious problems that can occur as a result of water damage in Jacksonville is the need for mold remediation for your home. Because natural disasters can happen at any time, homeowners are concerned about water damage affecting their property in conjunction with one of the secondary results--mold infestation. This concern is legitimate because problems in your home caused by mold proliferation could result in health effects and structural challenges. Because mold may gain a foothold in your home due to water intrusion or leaks, it is important for you to secure mold inspection and mold remediation services from the experts at SERVPRO.

Mold Inspection and Remediation: A Brief Overview

The mold is a fungus, and it can come in an assortment of colors, including gray, green, black, or white. Mold can also appear in various shapes and thrives best in materials that have a high moisture content. Examples would be ceiling tiles, paint, carpet, wallboard, and paneling. While mold growth can result from water damage, it can also be caused by high humidity within the home. Try to keep indoor humidity below 45 percent. To effectively remove mold, SERVPRO mold remediation experts will first identify the areas of mold sources and locations, then evaluate the extent of the growth. After this information is gathered, the technicians can start to remove and clean the mold from the environment.

The mold inspection process must be thorough. Unfortunately, mold can begin to grow and thrive in a variety of places, which means that mold remediation specialists need to analyze the residential property carefully. Although mold can thrive in several areas, the main points of inspection should be leaky roofs, indoor plumbing regions, HVAC systems and regions where there are building maintenance problems. In addition to eliminating mold, the remediation process will help prevent its spread or reoccurrence by eliminating moisture sources, and removing infested material. Disposing of these causes of mold proliferation helps restore a healthy environment to your home.


As made apparent by the information outlined above, a mold infestation is a serious matter and should never be taken lightly. Although some property owners may want to complete the removal process for themselves, this is not the best course of action. To secure mold removal efficiently, you should attain assistance from professionals who have industry experience.

The technicians from SERVPRO have at their disposal the specialized tools necessary to do a thorough job. As important as the tools and equipment are, job knowledge, expertise and experience are of equal value. This makes SERVPRO the ideal company to remediate your mold issue. Call us now to attain the excellent, expedient mold inspection and remediation services you need!

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