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Lessons We Learned From Previous Storms, Not Only in the Jacksonville Greater Area

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

Preparation for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes in Florida Mitigates Loss of Life and Property--SERVPRO Tip

SERVPRO Offers the ERP Mobile App and Experienced Franchises to Battle Tropical Storm and Hurricane Damage

The best way to prepare for the issues of future storms is to learn from past weather disasters. Even in an area like Jacksonville, which dodged all but one direct hurricane hit for the last 145 years, the risk is real. Lying outside the path of a hurricane of any category also does not mean the many storm fronts that sweep through Florida in any given year spare our communities entirely. Tropical storms pound away with winds up to 74 miles per hour, plenty of damaging force resulting in the destruction of buildings and infrastructure. The wind, rains, storm surge and flooding accompanying these severe storms multiply the damage done to homes and businesses.

Prepare For The Impact Not The Probability

When planning for future weather disasters in the Jacksonville area, formulate your response to the impact your community could endure if the worst happens. If you focus your attention instead upon the likelihood of the ultimate devastation you waste time and effort. Simply because your area escaped complete ruin during previous storms does not mean that will always be the case. Devising a sustainable disaster recovery blueprint ensures you are ready for a catastrophe. Should the worst not occur that blueprint still guides you step by step as you work through restoration needed for more commonplace storm damage.

Understand Levels Of Emergency And How They Shift

Harvard researchers explored the difference between routine emergencies and crisis emergencies. In Jacksonville, we expect a certain degree of emergency preparedness is necessary for the damage arising from a typical tropical storm system. A home or business owner knows the drill to get ready for the predictable issues seasonal storms present -- these are the routine emergencies that do not surprise us based on our previous experience. There is a non-arbitrary reason that hurricane season falls between June 1st and November 30th. This statistical fact is, if you will, "the cone of certainty, ALMOST."

If we fail to appreciate that our experience may not be the reality when our area suffers a Katrina or Sandy-level of destruction do we have a hand in creating our ruin? Crisis emergencies and the impact they could have must be accepted as a real possibility. Relying only upon what worked in the past for routine crises is short sighted. Responsible property and business owners look to the heightened needs and response our nation's storm history shows a crisis emergency demands.

As any crisis develops, it may feel familiar, with plans and methods that worked during other routine scenarios adequate for the restoration efforts needed. If the situation escalates beyond the routine, our customers and we acknowledge that the extreme measures integrated into your recovery plan need now to come into play. Denial of the aggressive level of risk or refusing to vary from what worked before is futile.

Partner With A Restoration Company That Comprehends And Can Handle All Crisis Levels.

SERVPRO appreciates the possibility that crisis levels fluctuate and can increase in severity. Our team looks to a nationwide network of other franchisees for support, ensuring we are Faster to Any Size Disaster. Local technicians join with other professionals with the training and experience to tame the chaos of a “storm of the century.” We leverage the power of a system that has storm Disaster Recovery Teams at the ready 365 days out of the year, all hours of the day or night. Our strategically placed SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division members are headed by commercial operations managers who supervise the dispatching of specially trained professional technicians. In conjunction with a formidable communications system, industry leading heavy equipment and vehicles, and temporary on-site labor, we confidently cut costs and mitigate storm damage.

Proactive Protection From The Unpredictable

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South offers professional planning for the mega disaster that has the potential to close your business. Design a SERVPRO ERP, Emergency Ready Profile, with our experienced staff, anticipating every issue your business or property confronts when severe storms strike. We visit to assess your facility and its layout during the calm before the storm. Our mobile app permits you to input relevant contacts, mission critical functionality, and ancillary information to rank priorities, so we respond intelligently and effectively to your post-catastrophe needs. Contact SERVPRO at (904) 762-8066 to see how our extensive experience with major storm damage restoration can help you recover after a major weather event.

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