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Is Your HVAC Or Other Climate Control System Contributing To Mold Damage In Your Jacksonville Home?

1/13/2018 (Permalink)

Moisture and Humidity in Jacksonville Can Result in a Mold Remediation Service by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Tip:  Control Moisture and Humidity to Reduce the Chance of Mold Infestations

Mold control requires proper moisture management, which can be a struggle in Jacksonville. The hot, humid climate we enjoy for most of the year means that the mold spores always in the air and on surfaces have a better than average chance at coming in contact with enough moisture to support growth into full-blown mold colonies. Partnering with our mold remediation team helps rid your home of current mold issues and plan for a mold minimization strategy in the future.

Homes in Jacksonville risk mold damage if their climate control systems are not striking a balance between cooling and humidity control. If mold only grew when there was noticeable water damage, preventing outbreaks would be straightforward. In areas of the country where the average outside humidity equals or exceeds 60 percent most days of the year, the fungi are harder to manage. Our technicians are aware of this added challenge and consider it as a potential moisture source as we contain and remove existing colonies of mold in your home. Only when moisture is eliminated, or limited as in the case of humidity, can we hope to assist you in preventing further mold growth.

Mold can begin multiplying when air moisture levels are higher than 60 percent, indoors and out. SERVPRO can help you determine a course of action to lower indoor humidity permanently if our assessment of your mold damage problem indicates higher humidity may be the culprit. During our inspection of your premises, we search for leaks and evidence of spills or flooding that did not receive adequate remediation as possible causes for mold growth. We also consider the chance that mold is fueled primarily by humidities of 60 to 70 percent or higher in your home.

SERVPRO technicians are skilled in the use of moisture monitors and infrared scanning devices to locate hidden water and measure the moisture content of air and structures in your home. If we find that ambient humidity is in the range where it is likely to encourage mold spores to grow and reproduce, we work in all ways practical to reduce humidity levels to the 30 to 50 percent range.

One option SERVPRO evaluates carefully is your HVAC system or freestanding air conditioning units. A visual inspection of the ducts may reveal moisture or even mold colonies. Our team can clean and dry out the system to stop the recirculation of moisture and mold within your dwelling. If the AC and dehumidification functions are miscalibrated, you can have your vendor realign settings so that cooling and drying of our moist Florida air is stabilized. On occasion, an AC unit or system may be too big for the space cooled. This contributes to mold issues as the air is cooled too quickly, and the equipment does not cycle long enough to reduce humidity to the 30 to 50 percent level.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South remediates mold damage following EPA protocols and investigates the reasons moisture is an issue in your home. Call (904) 762-8066 to obtain this full-spectrum assistance to solve mold issues today and tomorrow.

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