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Enjoy Jacksonville Yoga with Adorable Goats

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

goat and female doing "goat yoga" moves GOAT-Greatest of All Time--SERVPRO mitigates water damage in Jacksonville area homes

Idyllic Yoga Sessions Let Jacksonville Residents Get Fit Outdoors

The folks at Little Peeps Farmer for a Day on Cortez Road are hosting their goat yoga sessions once more. Registrants can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and farm with friendly, cuddly goats. Participants of all skill levels from Jacksonville are invited to join in on the fun.

Goat yoga may seem like an unusual option for recreation, but it offers several benefits:

  • This course is a unique experience that is both heartwarming and memorable
  • Goat Yoga is also family-friendly and accommodates up to ten participants to observe current safety guidelines
  • Bonding with animals is a therapeutic experience that enhances the experience of doing yoga

Multiple dates are available, including January 24, with classes typically taking place from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Tickets are $25. After you register, make sure to read the confirmation email for more information about the class, safety guidelines, and what to bring to your session.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is one of the premier water restoration companies Jacksonville has to offer. Call (904) 762-8066 for service from IICRC-certified technicians.

Give Back to the Baymeadows Community by Volunteering

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

clara white building with rainbow SERVPRO helps our neighbors in Baymeadows when their businesses suffer fire damage

Baymeadows Volunteers Help the Clara White Mission Feed the Homeless

The long-established Clara White Mission is looking for Baymeadows volunteers to take on shifts at their soup kitchen, which creates and distributes hot meals for the homeless five days per week. Breakfast is served from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. and serves up to 400 people each day. Consider volunteering on January 17 or any other day that the soup kitchen is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Why volunteer for the Clara White Mission?

  • This organization has served the community in Jacksonville for over a century
  • Services provided for the needy include food, housing, and job training
  • The team requires that volunteers observe CDC guidelines during meal services

Should you choose to join in this volunteering effort, the Mission asks that you wear a mask. Gloves are provided on-site for food preparation and distribution. If you do not feel well or have a scheduling conflict, please contact Merle White to cancel your registration.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South remediates fire damage and odors in Baymeadows businesses when property owners call (904) 762-8066.

Jacksonville Residents Get the Disaster Cleanup Assistance They Need

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

Jax pier white tower Wet a line at the Jacksonville Pier while SERVPRO dries your water damaged home

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South Ensures That Homes Return to a Pre-Loss Condition

Jacksonville, lovingly referred to as “Jax” by locals, is a vibrant northeastern Florida community that also happens to be the largest by area in the continental United States. This city is home to over 911,000 people as of 2019 and is the largest city in the southern United States outside of Texas.

Before French and Spanish colonists settled the land in the 16th century, the Jacksonville area was home to the Timucua indigenous tribe. The Timucua is largely speculated to have assimilated into other nearby tribes in Florida and Georgia, including the Seminole. The Jacksonville area is one of the oldest inhabited regions in American history, a claim backed by Black Hammock Island archaeological findings dating back to 2500 BC.

Before the United States gained control of the area from the Spanish in the early 19th century, Jacksonville was hotly contested by the French, Spanish, and British. Each maintained its hold on the land for a time. After the U.S. laid claim to it, it was named after President Andrew Jackson, who was also the first military governor of the Florida Territory.

Today, Jacksonville is so massive that it is comprised of well over 500 neighborhoods, including:

  • Brooklyn
  • San Marco
  • Mandarin
  • Eastside
  • LaVilla

While many areas were consolidated into Jacksonville’s portion of Duval County, four have kept separate municipal governments: Avondale, Riverside, Ortega, and Springfield, all of which are also officially registered U.S. historic districts.

A Conflagration in Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s Great Fire of 1901 started with a drought in a city made mainly of wood structures. Mere sparks from a chimney near the Cleveland Fibre Factory accelerated into a rapidly-spreading fire that destroyed homes and businesses alike. The flames were spread even faster by windy conditions and the wealth of dry, vulnerable wooden lumber.

Losses over a period of just eight hours included:

  • 146 burned-down city blocks
  • Over 2,300 destroyed buildings
  • 10,000 residents without homes

Claims circulated that evidence of this massive fire could be seen from as far away as Raleigh, North Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. In the aftermath of the fire, martial law was declared by then-governor William S. Jennings. State militias established order so that reconstruction could commence.

Jacksonville’s rebuilding efforts for both residential and commercial structures were heavily inspired by early-20th century architecture trends, including the Prairie Style heavily associated with Frank Lloyd Wright. This aesthetic sentiment was incorporated into facilities like the Carnegie Library, the current City Hall building, and the Bisbee Building, all of which were designed by Henry John Klutho.

The fire’s disastrous spread also impacted Duval County’s record-keeping, especially when it comes to real estate. To this day, Duval County homes’ property deeds specify whether they were registered under the current or former public records for the county. A separate title firm reportedly keeps some pre-Great Fire records.

Jacksonville’s Cummer Museum: A Haven for the Arts

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens got its start showcasing Arthur and Ninah Cummer’s extensive private collection. They were prominent in northeastern Flordia, particularly Jacksonville, where they moved after marrying in 1897.

In the early 20th century, just over a decade after their marriage, Arthur took charge of his father’s lumber company. At the same time, Ninah led several community efforts, including volunteering for the Red Cross during the First World War and aiding relief efforts in the aftermath of Jacksonville’s 1901 fire. Mrs. Cummer was also president of the Children’s Home Society of Florida from 1910 to 1940.

Ninah Cummer’s final will laid the museum’s framework with the founding of the DeEtte Holden Cummer Museum Foundation in 1958, named in honor of her late daughter. Ninah donated most of the estate, including the Cummers’ luxurious English Tudor Revival home, to this foundation. However, the original property was not fit for use as a museum. The building that now houses the Cummers’ collection was designed by Harold Saxelbye, who incorporated elements from the original home into the museum itself.

On the property, guests can find:

  • Two acres of meticulously-kept gardens in honor of Mrs. Cummer’s dedication to horticulture
  • The Art Connections education center
  • Several art collections featuring such items as:
    • Japanese woodblock prints from the Dennis C. Hayes Collection
    • Fine Meissen porcelain from the Wark Collection
    • 19th-century works from the Eugene Louis Charvot Collection

How Can SERVPRO Deodorize Water-Damaged Carpet?

Your local SERVPRO is proud to number among Jacksonville’s premier water restoration companies with rapid-response mitigation and restoration services, including carpet cleanup and odor removal.

Carpet deodorization can be accomplished with a broad selection of EPA-registered solutions administered by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-certified technicians:

  • Injection. Syringes filled with deodorizers are ideal for spot treatment of small amounts of damage, especially in homes where pulling up salvageable carpet is unfeasible.
  • Fogging. Ultra-low volume (ULV) or “wet” fogging utilizes water-based deodorizers to address widespread water damage odors in a property.
  • Spraying. Manual pump- or trigger-operated sprayers typically dispense odor control solutions at around 50 psi. This pressure can be beneficial in situations exacerbated by water damage, such as a sewage backup.

Another essential component of odor control after water damage is air movement. Proper ventilation and use of fans remove fumes, vapors, and lingering water damage odors from structures and contents, including carpet and pad. Devices like industrial-grade air movers can move 1,000 to over 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Air movement this powerful can leave a water-damaged home treated with ULV fogging tools feeling clean and fresh after 40 exchanges of air.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is proud to support the community 24/7 with Faster To Any Size Disaster service. Homeowners in need of rapid-response cleanup and restoration can call (904) 762-8066 to begin the process.

Challenged by Current Constraints for Holiday Celebrations in Jacksonville?

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse full of new equipment ready for action. When you have a water damage issue. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for water mitigation services.

AARP of Jacksonville Teams with AARP Florida to Promote Wellness and Resiliency During These Difficult Times

Among the most concerning issues confronting Jacksonville Seniors are the feelings of isolation, stress, and sadness navigated because of the loss of comforting and familiar holiday traditions during the pandemic. AARP Florida and Q Wellness use decades of self-care research to inform and train participants to manage and overcome these challenges. They also offer the opportunity to practice strategies learned to achieve:

  • Resilience
  • Wellness
  • Stress reduction 

Join the group online for Session 4:Resiliency-Gift of Compassion. This conversation focuses on expanding empathy and understanding.

Format: Virtual Zoom Workshop

Date and time: Tuesday, Dec 22, 2020

6pm to 6:45pm

When comparing water restoration companies, SERVPRO of Jacksonville South rises to the top because of a comprehensively trained workforce and our licensure as a General Contractor in the state of Florida. For turnkey results that make a water loss “Like it never even happened,” contact us at (904) 762-8066.

Contractor Licenses:

General: # CBC1256211

Tis the Season In Bay Meadows -- Visit Santa and Support a Meaningful Cause

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged kitchen Did fire damage take control of your life? Call SERVPRO for the fire restoration services you need to get your life back on track.

Bay Meadows Children Enjoy a Festive Breakfast with Santa While Proceeds Benefit the Jacksonville Area’s Facing Futures Foundation

RSVP to claim a chance to see Santa at Adamec Harley-Davidson on December 14, 2020. Bay Meadows families get a magical opportunity to slip in a quick request to Santa at this fun event. 

Your donation supports Facing Futures – Foundation For Pediatric Facial Disorders. Facing Futures changes lives through surgical correction of facial birth defects affecting children from remote areas of the world. Pediatric specialty teams bring the hope of a brighter future to pre-screened children by transporting them to Jacksonville’s state of the art medical facilities for appropriate surgeries without charge.

Contact Adamec Harley-Davidson (Jacksonville) for the invite link.

RSVP soon as space is limited -- Phone (904) 493-1931

Date: Saturday, December 14, 2019 at 7:30 AM CST – 9 AM CST

Location:  8909 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

$5 cash donation -- free for kids two and under

Professional fire damage cleanup is critical during the aftermath of a household blaze, why SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is ready to intervene 24/7 with best industry practices. Call our team at (904) 762-8066 to schedule an appointment.

Who Has the Homeowner's Best Interests in Mind When Jacksonville Residential Property Sustains Water Damage?

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse filled to the top with new equipment. Don't let water damage your Jacksonville home. Call the pros in SERVPRO for the water mitigation services needed for your home.

Jacksonville Residents of "The River City" Rely on Local SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Experts When Water Damage from Various Sources Needs Mitigation

A river runs through Jacksonville, defining industry and trade for the most populous metropolitan area in Florida, as well as the largest city in land area in the contiguous United States. Beginning late in the 19th century, investments in the shared river and Atlantic Ocean harbors developed Jacksonville as a significant military and commercial deep-water port. Riverine facilitates include the Port of Jacksonville and the following naval installations:

  • Naval Station Mayport
  • Naval Air Station Jacksonville
  • U.S. Marine Corps Blount Island Command

What Is the Import of Jacksonville's Johns River Harbor Development?

Jacksonville, Florida's third largest seaport, and its above military bases, when aligned with the adjacent Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, constitute the third largest military presence in the United States. Substantial shipping activity supports the local economy. Millions of tons of goods move in and out of the city via the river and the Atlantic. Billions in commerce flow into the local economy because of the river, and tens of thousands of residents find work connected with the harbor. The cruise industry also makes use of Jacksonville's capacious deep-sea harbor opportunities.

Where Does the St. Johns River Flow Before It Arrives in Jacksonville?

St. Johns is the longest river in Florida, traversing 310 miles on its journey north from the blackwater swamps and wetlands of Central Florida. Indian River County contains the headwaters in St. Johns Marsh west of Vero Beach. From the sources to its mouth in Jacksonville, the river drops only about 27 feet in elevation, creating a slow and meandering path through and bordering twelve counties. Overall, the water moves only .3 miles per hour. Three basins and two watersheds comprise the topography of the river, managed by the St. Johns River Water Management District:

  • Upper Basin  

St. Johns River's upper basin covers roughly 2,000 square miles. It is challenging to navigate and wanders through wetlands and many lakes, making the channel hard to follow. Only after the river reaches Brevard County is it considered navigable. 

  • Middle Basin

As St. Johns flows across the southeast portion of Seminole County, it reaches its middle basin about twelve miles north of Titusville. The river flows through 1,200-square-miles of the mid-basin, gaining water from stormwater and springs. It widens into many shallow lakes during its travels, returning in between lakes to a more traditional river look. Eventually, it rolls through a 46,000-acre portion of the basin supporting aquatic life such as manatees and joins with Lake George, Florida's second-largest. North of Lake George, St.Johns reaches its confluence with the Ocklawaha River, its largest tributary. 

  • Lower Basin

At this point, the St. Johns is approximately 100 miles from its mouth into the Atlantic at Jacksonville. Between Palatka, where the Ocklawaha enters, and Jacksonville, St. Johns widens to between one and three miles. Now the St. Johns is easily navigable, and the Army Corps of Engineers maintains shipping channels at least 12 feet in depth and 100 feet wide. As the river closes into the north of Jacksonville, channels expand to 40 feet deep and at least 400 to 900 feet wide.

What Are Effects of the St. Johns' Approach Toward the Sea?

Atlantic tides cause saltwater to enter into the mouth of the St. Johns River. The resulting influx and salinity affect the river's composition and water levels upriver as far as the middle basin. Once the river reaches Jacksonville, it is part of seawater, making its ecosystem considered estuarine. 

Do Seasonal Storms Affect the St. Johns River?

The waterway exposes homes and businesses in the region to the risk of damage during storms and heavy rains. In late summer and early fall, frequent showers correspond with tropical storms and nor'easters battering Florida's Atlantic coast. Because most of the St. Johns River flows between 10 and 30 miles inland, rain storms pounding the counties from the Indian River north to Duval produce runoff drained by the river. The St. Johns basin records between 50 and 54 inches of rain each year, half of it falling in the summer hurricane season.  

Whom Can Jacksonville Residents Depend on When Water Damage Threatens?

Regardless of the reason for water loss in your Jacksonville home, it is critical to obtain professional assistance from a reputable disaster response contractor. The harm caused by burst plumbing, malfunctioning appliances, roof leaks, or storm-related flooding involves a broad range of challenges. Our licensed, certified, and highly-qualified team handles everything from mitigation through rebuilding. We have the workforce and equipment to make any kind of water crisis "Like it never even happened."

How Do Professionals Approach Water Damage Mitigation?

Mitigation of Jacksonville water damage is the critical first step in a water loss project. Before the SERVPRO team can turn the corner and dry out your home, the active water intrusion into structural components and contents must cease. The following are examples of mitigation our crews complete before remediation and restoration:

  • Shutting down water lines, so no more fluids invade.
  • Securing storm damage to exteriors to prevent continued leakage.
  • Packing out contents -- both wet, to reduce the interior humidity and dry, preventing harm to items that so far escaped the moisture.
  • Wanding wet carpets aggressively at the edges of saturation to prevent water from soaking through dry expanses. 
  • Positioning submersible pumps and using truck-mounted extractors to remove the bulk of the water.
  • Considering controlled demolition to release trapped water which otherwise would create severe and perhaps irremediable damage by:
    • Punching or drilling holes to release water in cavities
    • Cutting away a portion of walls, also known as flood cuts, to open up wet interior spaces for follow-up drying

What Follows Mitigation During a Water Loss Project?

There is not a hard line between mitigation and remediation, which is the next phase. As some of the SERVPRO crew monitors the initial water removal, others fine-tune tricky water extraction using technology like negative air pressure mats and hoses to suction moisture from confined areas and under floors as examples. Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces commences, both recovering prior structural status and preventing secondary damage such as mold. Technicians detect and measure moisture, so remediation (returning materials to preloss conditions) through drying is effective. 

Have confidence in the managers and crews from SERVPRO of Jacksonville South when water damages your home. Call (904) 762-8066 to arrange for an immediate assessment.

Baymeadows Residents Can Relive Nostalgia of Their Childhood

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

drying equipment Call the experts at SERVPRO if a storm damages your property!

No Matter What Toys and Games Defined Your Childhood in Baymeadows, It Is Sure to Get Represented at Toytopia

The Museum of Science and History (better known as MOSH) here in Jacksonville has comprised a special exhibit for those looking to take a stroll down memory lane with some of the toys and games of their childhoods. TOYTOPIA is a life-sized exhibit designed to let you relive the most fantastic times of your youth with kids today. Stage 9 Exhibits created the display and have been showcased in many other educational centers throughout the globe.

The event is ongoing from now until the middle of May in 2021 and features products and toys from brands like:

    •    Breyer
    •    Crayola
    •    KNEX
    •    Duncan Yo-Yo
    •    Hasbro
    •    And more

A flood in your home can take the fun out of any plans you might have, but our SERVPRO of Jacksonville South team can help with flood remediation for your Baymeadows home. Give our professionals on the rapid response team a call anytime you need us at (904) 762-8066.

How Do Mold Inspections Help Determine Needed Remediation Work?

11/12/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall When a mold infestation takes over your property call the experts at SERVPRO!

Professional Evaluations of Your Jacksonville Home Can Determine the Presence of Threatening Mold Colonies

The presence of mold in your Jacksonville home can be a threatening situation for those exposed, including your pets. While multiple signals can indicate the growth of mold, these are not always apparent. Musty odors and visible growth might not be overwhelming or even noticeable with the onset of microbial colonization, so if you suspect that mold might exist in your home, professional air sampling and environmental testing might be necessary.

Before you can begin on the remediation that your property might require, mold inspections in your Jacksonville house can determine the extent of the damage and how severe potential colonization has become. Air sampling is among the most common of the approaches for testing the concentrations of spores. A pump forces air through a collection device that traps any potential microbes and contaminants for later evaluation and testing in an off-site laboratory. Once mold has been confirmed, our SERVPRO team's remediation technicians can begin work on controlling these pressing concerns.

What Remediation Strategies Exist When Mold Gets Discovered?
Remediation is among the most challenging obstacles for a residence because mismanagement of the situation can allow for the organism to spread and affect more organic matter throughout the house. A rapid evaluation of the house's conditions and the respective remediation strategies necessary allows our technicians to get to work quickly on what must occur to protect the property and your personal belongings. Some of the common remediation tasks include:

    •    Abrasive Cleaning
    •    Antimicrobial Products
    •    Sanding
    •    Controlled Demolition

You might not always know when mold exists in your home. However, professional testing and evaluations of the property by competent technicians and mold hygienists available through our SERVPRO of Jacksonville South team can help. If you suspect mold growth in your home, give us a call today at (904) 762-8066.

Experiencing the Culinary Influences of Jacksonville

11/5/2020 (Permalink)

skyline If your commercial property experiences a mold infestation call the experts at SERVPRO!

A Diverse and Delicious Assortment of Cultural Influences and History Have Shaped the Traditional Cuisine Offerings for Jacksonville.

From its earliest records, the Jacksonville region has played host to many different countries and rulers, ranging from the French and Spanish to Britain and the United States. Each of these occupants would influence the cuisine and culture of northern coastal Florida.

The Cultures That Shaped Jacksonville
As with everywhere in the United States, Jacksonville began as territory belonging to the indigenous inhabitants before settlers and Europeans moved into the region. Records indicate French settlements started in the area as early as 1562 and would soon change hands to the Spanish, who spent two centuries converting natives to Christianity. Ultimately, they would relinquish Florida territory to Britain to keep Havana under their control after the Seven Years War.

Though Britain owned the territory for a couple of decades, Spain regained control until 1821. Spanish residents' presence influences cuisine in the area forever and infuses the dishes prepared here with spices uncommon to American colonies farther up the coast. The development of the region towards (and following) the Civil War years would cement the cuisine of the south overall but would also be the final piece in creating the unique flair that finds its way onto the plates of Jacksonville restaurants.

Classic Dishes That Are Unique to the Area
Utilizing some of the produce and fruits sourced locally, you can find many of the dishes and treats that have put Jacksonville's cuisine on the map. Seafood dishes play the most significant part in the fresh and daily creations for menus across the city. These have even started to be foundations for street eats seen in the city's busiest areas where food trucks frequent during the lunch and dinner periods of the day. Fish tacos and protein bowls provide a fast and quick bite for busy pedestrians.

Jacksonville's real unique statement in the country-wide food scene is its blend of the cultures from its earliest settlements. For example, a sandwich known as The Camel Rider has become a staple and nationally recognized offering since a write-up about the dish in the New York Times. The combination of a pita base stuffed with cold cut meats and Italian dressing blends several of the heritages, including Spanish and British influences, in one iconic sandwich that has been on menus throughout the city as early as 1972.

Where the Sea Meets Southern Comforts
Fish has always been one of the most sustainable resources of the region, and boats are out every day working to bring in new loads of local species of fish. Seafood remains a staple of many of the dishes created for restaurants here in Jacksonville. It comprises many of the most readily available types of fish in the rivers and ocean abutting the city. Ports are teeming with fresh catches, and many companies work to get these freshly caught proteins to the kitchens of restaurants across the city long before the lunch menus roll out for the afternoon. Some of the densest populations of fish surrounding Jacksonville include:

    •    Flounder
    •    Snapper
    •    Whiting
    •    Speckled Sea Trout
    •    Redfish
    •    Grouper
    •    Bluefish
    •    Black Drum

Dishes and service with Southern charm are also staples of what you can expect to find in Jacksonville. A commitment to maintaining that relaxed atmosphere and divine comfort foods has produced a profitable restaurant niche for many entrepreneurs in Northern Florida. In the city, places like Sweet Mamas Southern Homestyle Cookin', Ida Claire, and Soul Food Bistro serve you up authentic, heaping portions of southern hospitality and starch-fueled delicious dishes.

Locally Sourced Means Fresh at Your Table
One of the advantages of having a climate that can be agreeable to year-round vegetation and harvesting cycles, like Jacksonville's subtropical conditions, is how readily available fresh food becomes. Unlike northern areas of the country that rely on stored goods or southern states' production for fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood throughout the year, JAX is flush with fresh foods in every season. This has become a point of pride for the cuisine in our area of Florida, allowing us to support local providers without a need to stockpile in restaurants.

A positive outcome from local farms and orchards' ability to provide consistent foods and products to the region is the influx of farm-to-table restaurants appearing throughout inner-city Jacksonville and its surrounding areas. Because of the growth in popularity for gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes, locally sourced and organic foods have become more vital to the area than ever before. This style of cuisine relies heavily on fresh, crisp components on the plate.

Removing Mold Threats from Jacksonville Restaurants
With our position against the Atlantic Ocean and rivers, streams, and marshlands throughout the region, mold is an ongoing threat for coastal Florida businesses and homes. Mold cleanup in restaurants of Jacksonville involves several direct practices beginning as soon as a microbial threat gets recognized. For business owners unsure of the presence of mold colonies in the restaurant, we can offer environmental testing to surmise the concentration of mold spores and the likelihood of active colonization and health hazards.

In restaurants, the presence of mold must get met with urgency as this microbial threat impacts an eatery's status with the local health department, state guidelines, and their customers' wellbeing. Our SERVPRO team can help with several remediation strategies based on the impacted materials and the severity of hosting surfaces' degradation. Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT), along with our general contractor license, can offer a combination of controlled demolition and abrasive cleaning strategies to remove the pressing threats mold colonies create.

With quickly installed containment and experienced repairs/controlled demolition, our SERVPRO of Jacksonville South team can help clean, deodorize, and repair your restaurant after unexpected mold growth. From our line of antimicrobial products to efficient strategies like soda blasting and sanding, our business is to get you back in business. Give our rapid response crew a call whenever you need us at (904) 762-8066.

What Specific Treatment do Wood Floors Need after Heavy Storms cause Flooding in Jacksonville?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property “Like it never even happened.”

Wet Floors Need Proactive Mitigation and Restoration in Flooded Jacksonville Homes

Protecting your property in Jacksonville requires skilled professional teamwork. SERVPRO uses internationally accepted methods for dealing with the aftermath of all types of disasters. The more quickly we respond and begin working, the less damage your property suffers.

Ensuring that we restore the interior of your flooded Jacksonville home to its preloss state means we must address each area directly impacted by the water while also making sure that monitoring of dry areas continually shows they are not absorbing moisture. Pockets of trapped moisture can slowly release water vapor back into the air, damaging contents like your personal belongings and structural elements, including wood floors.

We act quickly to pump out all standing water. We use desiccation machines that collect humidity from the air, as this creates a type of vacuum effect, pulling moisture from damp materials into steadily-drying air.

Drying out walls and floors happens quickly with Injectidry machines that can remove water, and without needing to change the setup, force continuous warm air into the just-drained areas. With wood floors, we include the use of mats to help the drying process proceed in a uniform manner.

What happens after wood floors are dry again?
SERVPRO's building crew examines the floor for defects, which can appear in different forms, such as:
    •    crowning
    •    cupping
    •    splitting
    •    a combination of these issues.

Sanding the floor, so it is level again, is possible in only some situations. Others require replacement of the floor's boards. We can discuss with you how your floor might respond with the available options.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South hires local individuals who care about our community. We know how weather can damage homes, even without a hurricane, throughout Lakewood, FL, Southside, FL, and Avenues, FL. Contact our emergency response team at (904) 762-8066.