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In the Age of Information, SERVPRO Specializes in Fire Damage Remediation in Town Square

2/17/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage In the Age of Information, SERVPRO Specializes in Fire Damage Remediation in Town Square Whether an item can be restored or needs replacing is a decision that can save you money in the long run. Contact our certified technicians.

Fire Damage Experts In Town Center Describe Different Methods to Clean Contents

If a fire ever starts on your property in Town Center, there are three main methods professional restoration companies such as SERVPRO use to remediate issues caused by the blaze. The most expensive option is replacing items, and it only gets implemented if the fire damage has burnt objects so severely that they cannot be refinished or cleaned. In some cases, the charred materials exist only on the surface and refinishing the substances can bring them back to their preloss state. In more minor situations, objects inside your home can be restored using various cleaning procedures. Before we begin any fire damage mitigation work, we comprise a list of the objects in your home and outline whether the item needs to be replaced or if it can get refinished or cleaned.

When figuring out whether or not an item is cleanable, our SERVPRO technicians test-clean the surfaces and see which chemicals work best. When remediating fire damage in Town Center, our team can use several different methods to clean soots and soils from the various surfaces inside your building. When a fire burns it uses a variety of fuels, therefore the soot residues that remain have different chemical compositions. Every different type of soot or soil adheres differently to the various surfaces inside your home. When cleaning your contents, we utilize several different methods to return them to their preloss condition.

In some scenarios, our SERVPRO technicians can use wet cleaning methods. During wet cleaning, we apply alkaline based detergents on a rag and then rinse them off with clean water, and then dry them with a towel. For hard surface contents, we spray the detergent onto them and then wipe off the chemicals.

For easily ruined surfaces, we often use foam cleaning because it does not damage fragile surfaces. For more severe situations we can utilize abrasive cleaning methods that get applied with steel wool or other scrub pad. For some items, immersion cleaning proves to be the best. During this method, we drop your contents into detergents and then rinse them off. If you ever need help restoring your possessions after a fire, call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at (904) 762-8066 24/7.

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Think of SERVPRO If and When You Have A Water Spill in Your Jacksonville Home

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Think of SERVPRO If and When You Have A Water Spill in Your Jacksonville Home Our technicians are trained to cleanup any water spills, no matter how big or small the mess might be.

Aspects Influencing the Ease of Water Cleanup in Jacksonville

Severe water spills happen mostly when a home is unattended creating the opportunity for maximum damage. Apart from no one being around to turn off the mains, the water that spills also gets the chance to migrate unabated. Depending on the time taken before clean up to start, many other problems like microbial growth, bad odor, and loss of structural integrity might develop complicating the restoration process. We offer professional restoration services to help Jacksonville homeowners deal with the damages suffered. 

The volume of water spilled is the central aspect that influences the process of water cleanup in Jacksonville. When much water is involved, it is likely to spread to many parts of the house increasing the burden of cleanup. Our SERVPRO technicians work as a team, therefore, providing extra pairs of hands to tackle the cleanup. We also have different sophisticated tools like truck mounted water extract and dry-wet vacs, which quicken the water removal process.

Water can lead to different types of soiling. The most common is staining which happens when dyes in fabrics or furniture items run spreading to other contents. Sometimes the spill can originate from a broken appliance such as a dishwasher or washing machine, which leads to the spread of detergents, food remains and other wastes from the appliance. Water also spreads debris such as pet waste or dust already present in the affected areas. The level of soiling can prolong the cleanup process, especially if done by hand. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches to deal with soils including the use of power washers. We also remove stains from carpets or fabrics before drying them to prevent settling.

Drying a property after water loss is crucial because it eliminates problems like bad odor and microbial growth. The level of water migration determines how long it takes to dry the home. For example, if water only affects a carpet but not the underlying floorboards, drying is faster. Our SERVPRO technicians use different moisture detection tools including moisture meters, thermal cameras and moisture sensors to gauge the level of migration. We then choose the right drying equipment including air movers, dehumidifiers or injectidry systems for moisture removal from concealed spaces.

In case of a water spill, call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South. You can reach us at (904) 762-8066 any time.

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We Are Your First Choice When Water Has Damaged Your Home In Jacksonville

1/29/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO We Are Your First Choice When Water Has Damaged Your Home In Jacksonville SERVPRO of Jacksonville South can come to your rescue when your home in has a water damage emergency due to a malfunctioning dishwasher.

Why SERVPRO Is The Right Choice For Water Damage Cleanup In Your Jacksonville Home

A familiar source for water damage in homes in Jacksonville is the dishwasher you use each day. There are several necessary steps you can be taking to help prevent damage sustained from these appliances and avoid a sudden flood in your kitchen.

If your dishwasher has already malfunctioned and created water damage in your Jacksonville home, you want the assistance of a professional remediation company so the mess can get cleaned up quickly and accurately. SERVPRO can come to your aid with the knowledge and tools to restore your home before additional damage can be done, making it easy to see why SERVPRO should be called when you have a water damage emergency.
To avoid a water disaster involving your dishwasher, you need to replace your appliance every three to five years. It may seem like a short time and a significant amount of money to spend. However, hairline fractures can form in the shell of the dishwasher over time from routine use. Soap residue and hard water can also build up and cause these fractures, which get bigger and bigger, resulting in thousands of dollars of water damage. SERVPRO technicians have truck-mounted pumps which we can pump out the gallons of water from your kitchen so we can proceed to dry it back out.

In the same way, you need to make a habit of ensuring the drain line is correctly hooked up to the ink. It should be connected tightly to the plumbing under the sink and shouldn’t be loose. If it is loose, natural water pressure continues to water at the connection and can dump a whole dishwasher’s worth of water out into your kitchen.

A good practice is also to make sure only to use this appliance when you are at home so you can guarantee you catch any leaks as soon as they happen. Turning on the dishwasher and leaving home can leave a leak to develop and water damage to occur just twenty to thirty minutes later. With no one there, the water continues to pour into your kitchen.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South can come to your rescue when your home in has a water damage emergency due to a malfunctioning dishwasher. Contact us right away by dialing (904) 762-8066 so we can help you clean up the mess.

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Water Damage emergency in Jacksonville on Christmas Eve

1/24/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Water Damage emergency in Jacksonville on Christmas Eve The SERVPRO team is ready to help during your water damage emergency.

Our team responded to a water damage emergency call on Christmas Eve. We were pleased to receive the testimonial letter below from Alice C in Jacksonville.

On December 24, 2018 at about 2:39 pm, I was taking a rest before celebrating Christmas eve with family. From my bedroom window I saw something flaming with fire coming from above. I jumped up and ran into the living room to look out my patio to see what it was but was stopped by water pouring from the ceiling from light fixtures and AC units. I opened the front door and realized the fire alarm was screaming. My neighbor across the hallway opened his door at the same time. We agreed that the fire was above my unit. By now, water was pouring into my house. The neighbor rushed in, got buckets and started to try to catch as much of the water as he could. I grabbed all of the towels in the house and started to do the same. We continued for 20 minutes or more. The fire department had arrived and was upstairs, but it was 20 or 30 minutes before the water stopped.

I called my family and the owner of my unit. They all jumped in – my son and daughter-in-law brought a wet vacuum and started work. The owners arrived and started removing light fixtures and vents.

SERVPRO arrived soon after and jumped right in – removing wet rugs to patio, etc. Summer and her team did everything that could be done at the time to prevent further damage. As soon as possible they brought in 8 large fans and a dehumidifier. Later, they removed the baseboards in the most affected areas. They did a great job and came every day to take readings. Equipment ran 24 hours a day for 6 days.

There is damage that will need to be fixed – paint ceiling, replace lights and fixtures, replace baseboards, clean damaged rugs, etc.

Thank goodness I was at home when this situation happened.

The SERVPRO team headed by Summer was so helpful and professional. My neighbor and family were wonderful. My family washed 30 towels and brought them back to me on Christmas day. The Owners reassured me everything will be fixed.

Thanks to all for the help. Thank goodness no one was hurt!

Our SERVPRO of Jacksonville South team is ready to help 24/7. We appreciate the kind testimonial letter from Alice. Call us 24/7 when an emergency affect your Jacksonville home (904) 762-8066.

Ultimate Solution for Baymeadows Fire Damage Remediation

1/20/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Ultimate Solution for Baymeadows Fire Damage Remediation A fire can damage your home and leave odors that can linger for a long time. Contact our IICRC certified team for remediation services.

Mitigating Fire Damage Only Partially Removes Odors in a Charred Home in Baymeadows

Baymeadows residents rarely sustain a massive house fire, with most blazes remaining contained in a small area and quickly extinguished. Cleaning up the soot and smoke smudges left behind after such a fire helps to remove most of the smell. Homeowners with residences that sustained more extensive fires can continue to detect smoky odors for months or even years afterward.
SERVPRO's Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) concentrate on every aspect of damage in your Baymeadows home caused by the fire, smoke, and water, and how they interact to create foul odors. Odors originate from the particles created during changes to substances in your home. These can come from burned articles of clothing or upholstery, or from water-turned-to-steam that plays a role in the continued disintegration of heated materials.
Even after we pull these odor-causing items out of your home, odors continue. We know this happens because of hidden particles that both the smoke and the steam carried and deposited throughout your entire home. We remove the soot deposited on surfaces, launder clothing and stuffed toys, vacuum carpets and rugs, and wash walls and ceilings. However, it is quite common for odors to linger even after all these tasks.
Our team can perform different odor-eliminating methods to make your home smell “Like it never even happened.” One method is with the use of a hydroxyl generator. This method is preferred over ozone when materials remain damp, as is often the case after a fire. We want to perform odor eliminating functions like this during our other mitigation tasks to help make our specialists more comfortable while they work. With ozone, we cannot work until the ozone has cleared the house. However, both of these are equally effective at freshening the air and making it much more pleasant.
Hydroxyl generators do not resolve the issue of still-present particles of soot, in any case. To eliminate these particles' ability to continue affecting your home's air quality, we use thermal fogging. Just like the heat from the fire and the steam changed everyday items into odor-producing soot, the chemical agents in the heated fog bond with the soot particles and create a larger, heavier molecule. Now weighing more, these particles can no longer get back into your home's air and your family no longer smells these odors.
SERVPRO of Jacksonville South can help your family not only get moved back home after a fire, but we can also ensure that your home contains no traces of odor or other signs of fire damage. Serving those in Bayard, Deerwood, and San Marco, you can reach us by calling our 24-hour emergency services line, (904) 762-8066, any day of the year.
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Our Highly Skilled Crew At SERVPRO Can Handle Any Size Water Damage Disaster In Your Baymeadows Home

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Our Highly Skilled Crew At SERVPRO Can Handle Any Size Water Damage Disaster In Your Baymeadows Home Our slogan that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster is not just a catchy saying, but a commitment that we have to our customers.

A Wise Choice For Professional Water Cleanup In Baymeadows Homes

When water loss incidents occur in your Baymeadows home, many homeowners struggle with all of the steps necessary to return their property to its original dry condition. While many can handle the actions necessary to clean up immediate spills, larger incidents can quickly seep into flooring, walls, and affect areas out of your sight. To overcome these effects and prevent a situation that leads to irreparable damage to construction materials and the belongings inside of your house, seeking out professional restoration services is a wise decision.

The question then becomes: what company suits your needs and can provide efficient and effective water cleanup in your Baymeadows home? While there might be several choices throughout our service area, our SERVPRO professionals are a wise choice for future potential customers for many reasons. The first of these reasons is our commitment to providing our clients with highly skilled technicians that have certifications in the industry and continue their education to be among the most trained and knowledgeable staff available.

Our slogan that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster is not just a catchy saying, but a commitment that we have to our customers throughout our communities. We provide 24-hour emergency assistance to provide immediate mitigation work and protection for your property and the contents that matter the most to you. Our emergency response team rolls out from our headquarters with the full measure of our industry-leading equipment designed to make an immediate impact on your water-damaged home.

The SERVPRO technicians that we dispatch to a damaged address come with the advanced technology to provide fast extraction and efficient drying efforts to protect your home from irreparable damage in water cleanup situations. From truck mounted pumps to high-powered air movers, we have the tools to dry out saturated materials fast.

While you might get overwhelmed amid a disaster that requires water cleanup for your home, you can always remember the experience and the fast response of our SERVPRO of Jacksonville South restoration technicians. Give our experts a call anytime that you need us at (904) 762-8066.

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We Have You Covered When Your Jacksonville Home Experiences A Water Damage Disaster

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Have You Covered When Your Jacksonville Home Experiences A Water Damage Disaster Repairing a water damaged ceiling in your Jacksonville home is especially needed for the overall upkeep of your home.

Water Damage Cleanup For Your Jacksonville Home

Repairing a water damaged ceiling in your Jacksonville home is especially needed for the overall upkeep of your home. If it is not taken care of, a water damaged ceiling results in mold and can weaken the structure of your home. Whether your ceiling is constructed from plaster, drywall, or another material, nothing protects it against water that is leaking.

With no significant leaks, smaller water damage to your Jacksonville ceiling can be spotted if you notice slightly discolored spots, a sagging ceiling, mold, drips, or slightly bulging drywall. Calling the professionals in from SERVPRO gets your home restored to the way it was before the water damage promptly.

SERVPRO technicians use the wet cleaning method for ceilings and walls. It takes a little more time than dry cleaning, and is a three-step process – wash rinse, and dry. Before we begin, we pretest an area to ensure that we get good results. If there is furniture in the affected area, we carefully move it to the center of the room and take down any wall hangings. We protect any contents, furniture, and the work area floor by covering with plastic drop cloths. If the area is heavily soiled, we knock down the excess soil and vacuum the resulting residue from surrounding surfaces. A brush can be used for this as well.

White cleaning towels are used to apply cleaning solutions. Once the towels are folded and submerged into the solution, they are squeezed to release the excess water. Beginning at the bottom of the wall, we wipe in an upward motion, covering three to four feet at a time. A clean side of the towel is always used until it is soiled, then a new side is exposed, and the process is repeated until the entire towel is soiled.

Once all the affected surfaces are clean, we towel dry the area. We pay particular attention to door jambs, baseboards, and trim moldings. Furniture, contents, and wall hangings are also put back in their appropriate places.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South can thoroughly restore your home in Southside, Bayard, or Avenues after a ceiling leak, ensuring we get every affected surface cleaned. Give our crew a call right away at (904) 762-8066 when you notice a problem so our experts can prevent any more damage from occurring.

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Is Mold Growing in Your Jacksonville Home Ductwork?

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Is Mold Growing in Your Jacksonville Home Ductwork? Inadequately maintained ventilation systems are a breeding ground for mold. Make sure yours is inspected regularly.

Mold Remediation for the Ductwork in Your Jacksonville Home

When you’ve had a water leak in your Jacksonville home, you may now also have mold lurking in hidden areas, such as your ductwork. A trained eye is needed to help you to find it and clean it out, as mold, especially in ductwork, can cause health effects for you and your family as it gets spread throughout your home.  

You should not hesitate to get mold remediation services in Jacksonville, as mold continues to grow as it is allowed to sit. SERVPRO technicians can come to your rescue quickly with the expertise and tools needed to find the mold and then clean it, so it does not spread further.  

Sometimes the biggest culprit for poor indoor air quality is an inadequately maintained ventilation system. Throw mold into the mix, and you have a much bigger problem. Signs that dangerous fungi are lurking in your ductwork include a musty odor and visible mold growth around your heating and cooling system ducts. Even if you cannot see the mold, but suspect it, calling us right away is the smart thing to do.  

SERVPRO staff have special tools we can use to detect any hidden moisture and mold. Cleaning the mold, yourself is never a good idea, because doing so sends spores out into the air, worsening an already problematic situation. Our certified and trained techs can efficiently and safely remove the mold from the air ducts in your home in a few hours. We insert suctioning devices on the climate-control vents, then use vacuuming devices to suction mold from the vents or air ducts. To verify that your home is safe, we collect mold contamination from the connectors and hoses and keep them sealed in bags.  

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South understands that getting the mold cleaned from your home in Southside, Town Center, or Gate Parkway is essential to do thoroughly and quickly to prevent further issues. Reach out to us immediately when you suspect a problem by dialing (904) 762-8066, and we can restore your home to the safe environment it was before.

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Bounce Back from A Restaurant Fire with The Help of Our SERVPRO Experts

12/14/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Bounce Back from A Restaurant Fire with The Help of Our SERVPRO Experts Our team is here to respond and help restore your restaurant kitchen back to preloss condition!

Recovering Fire Damage in Your Town Center Restaurant

Running a Town Center restaurant comes with competition. With the high amount of traffic expected through the area throughout the year, your reputation through online forums and review boards is more critical than it has ever been. These are the first impressions before anyone ever comes to the restaurant, making it all the more essential to provide every new patron the best experience possible. When even a smaller-scale disaster strikes the building, you need to respond quickly to keep from giving your customers a compromised experience in your eatery.

Fire damages can spread quickly throughout your Town Center restaurant, even without a roaring blaze. Even without a fire in the dining area, elements like smoke and soot damage can find their way into unaffected areas to settle and provide an overwhelming odor that can ruin appetites. More than this, your reputation becomes affected negatively when customers set to enjoy your food arrive at a building that they cannot stand to stay inside of and leave. Our SERVPRO rapid response team can help.

With kitchen fires, you might not need demolition and rebuilding efforts, but there are undoubtedly steep hurdles to overcome to return your restaurant to its original condition. Often this begins with an assessment of the severity of the damage and working quickly to improve indoor air quality through several unique approaches.

Our SERVPRO technicians can set up deodorization equipment like our thermal foggers and hydroxyl generators which can help to eliminate lingering harsh odors from burning materials. Air scrubbers can help to pull particulates, debris, soot, and other contaminants from the affected environment to improve the breathability of the air for our professionals and those who continue to monitor our restoration progress within the building.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Finding the right team of professionals to help recover your restaurant after a kitchen fire is not challenging. You can always count on our SERVPRO of Jacksonville South rapid response team to arrive quickly with the experience to get your doors back open as fast as possible. Give us a call today at (904) 762-8066.

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The Unexpected Risks That Pose A Threat To Your Water Damaged Baymeadows Home

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Unexpected Risks That Pose A Threat To Your Water Damaged Baymeadows Home As a leader in the restoration industry, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

The Unprecedented Dangers Of Water Damage To Your Baymeadows Home

While the loss of books, furniture, and the carpet is a top concern for Baymeadows residents after water damage, there are other underlying dangers. If not detected immediately, they pose a threat to your home. Some of these dangers may go unnoticed until it's too late. To prevent complete loss, hiring SERVPRO technicians helps in the detection of these dangers.

Fire Hazard
In case of water damage in Baymeadows, many people cannot fathom the likelihood of a fire. Let’s face it. Clean or gray water is flooding the home. To a homeowner, the thought of a fire is never on one’s mind. What people don’t know is that fire damage can occur even to a flooded home. This is linked to appliance damage. If you have a gas appliance in contact with water and a few electrical wires exposed, this can lead to a fire. All it takes is some sparks, and the damaged gas appliance is going to start a fire. Even with the water flooding your floor, carpet, furniture, and rugs, fire can consume everything. SERVPRO water damage technicians recommend turning off the electricity at the mains. Also, turn off or disconnect the gas appliance if possible. In case the damaged appliance is leaking gas, this should prevent it.

Structural Damage
Water damage is a problem that affects the structural integrity of your home. Exposing your floor and walls to standing water for a long period means the damage can go unnoticed. Due to the extra weight (from the soaked floor and walls), damage to the foundation, walls, and floor may occur. How? Cracks may appear, and with time, they expand due to the weight. If the problem goes undetected, further damage leads to expensive repairs. It may also lead to complete loss of the house.

When you hire SERVPRO technicians, we scope your home. We do this to ensure no structural damage in your walls and floor. We use specialized equipment such as hygrometers to detect the presence of moisture. To fast track the drying process and save your home, we also use water extraction equipment. Later, air movers and dehumidifiers dry your home. Within 3 to 5 days, you should be moving back into your home.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is a locally owned and operated franchise. As a leader in the restoration industry, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. As such, we are ready for any water damage emergency. To save your home, call our 24/7 emergency line at (904) 762-8066 today!

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