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Our State-Of-The-Art Equipment Can Restore Your Mold Damaged Jacksonville Home

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Our State-Of-The-Art Equipment Can Restore Your Mold Damaged Jacksonville Home Living in a Jacksonville home that contains mold and mildew can become a stressful situation.

The Equipment Used By SERVPRO Technicians During Remediation Of Mold Damage In Jacksonville Homes

Living in a Jacksonville home that contains mold and mildew can become a stressful situation. Clothing develops odor and carpeting never seems to smell fresh. These situations happen because of the spores released by many mold strains during active growth.

When we arrive at a home in Jacksonville to remediate mold damage, we bring a variety of tools and materials along with us. These tools help us perform the work remediation requires. Some tools are probably very familiar to you, such as box cutters, measuring tapes, hammers, and drills. Materials also include everyday items like plastic sheeting and non-marking tape. There are several other tools that we use when we restore a home through remediation.

To help clean the air of mold spores and dust that our work often generates, we use air scrubbers. These machines pull air into them and through a HEPA filter. As the air passes through, anything in the air becomes trapped by the filter. We often use these as part of small containment areas we set up with the plastic sheeting and non-marking tape to pull air out of the area and direct it outside of your home. This setup removes the bulk of the spores and dust before they can ever settle onto the floor.

Our commercial grade vacuums also come with HEPA filters, and we use these wherever we create dust and debris, which happens when we cut away moldy materials, drill holes, or remove baseboards. Our experts always clean up after we finish our work, including removing nails, materials we removed, and later, plastic sheeting, tape, and anything else that helped us complete the job.

Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) knows that microbial infestations can hide in locations that you may rarely see. Finding these becomes easier with the use of an infrared thermal imaging device, as it quickly shows where cooler temperatures exist in the materials making up your home. Cooler temperatures often exist due to the presence of moisture, which can allow mold damage to develop quickly.

We also rely heavily on our ability to work as a team together, as well as partner with you in restoring your home. Our dedication to remediating your home of all mold damage and restoring normal microbial population levels also assists us in providing a service that you are satisfied with and that protects your home.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South regularly provides homeowners in Bayard and Southside with professional mold damage remediation. Call us at (904) 762-8066 if you locate mold growing inside your home.

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Why Making Preparations for Flooding in Town Center is Always Great Advice

10/7/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Why Making Preparations for Flooding in Town Center is Always Great Advice Unfortunately, our area is often in the eye of a storm and possible flooding. Contact SERVPRO to discuss your flood damage scenario.

National Preparedness Month: Practicing Due Diligence for Flood Damage in Town Center

September sees the launch of National Preparedness Month. A government-sponsored initiative that encourages Americans to practice due diligence toward extreme weather conditions. These preparations can include learning life-saving techniques like CPR or stocking up on goods, putting together an emergency plan, or investing in emergency generators to ensure a consistent supply of electricity. As a community member, you are the first on the scene of a natural disaster and preparing thoroughly is an invaluable part of helping yourself, your family and your community.

One of the secondary symptoms of extreme weather conditions can be flooding. Homeowners that experience flood damage in Town Center could benefit from building a list of local tradesman and services to help remove, restore and repair their property. SERVPRO is a localized franchise that offers 24-hour emergency support near you.

When property damage occurs a general rule of thumb is that the faster you react, the lower the likelihood is of permanent damage. SERVPRO can send a trained technician to your property within four hours of notification of loss. On arrival, we can inspect your property and, if necessary, perform an emergency board up to temporarily seal structural damage, protecting your home from further damage.

Water extraction can be carried out using full-submersible, gas-powered pump to rapidly remove excess and prevent your structure and contents from becoming saturated. In our experience, flooding can complicate procedure because overflowing waters or drainage can carry raw sewage, pesticides, animal carcasses or other potential contaminants.

At SERVPRO, we refer to contaminated water as Black Water. When Black Water comes into contact with your structure or contents, we must treat these items as equally contaminated. That means we may have to remove sections of drywall, inspect crawlspaces or anywhere else moisture may reside undetected. Being exceptionally thorough in cleaning and sanitization is an essential part of our efforts to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

But rest assured, this isn't the first time we have dealt with Black Water and it is unlikely to be the last. For an emergency assessment, inspection and remediation contact SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at (904) 762-8066 anytime, day or night.

The Advantages Of Hiring Our Team To Remediate Your Mold Damage Issue In Jacksonville

10/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Advantages Of Hiring Our Team To Remediate Your Mold Damage Issue In Jacksonville Mold damage in Jacksonville can be a real problem for homeowners.

Get Rid Of Mold Damage With SERVPRO In Jacksonville

After water or flood damage, your house might experience some mold infestation. Mold can form spores in a very moist environment. The spores are microscopic and can float in the air and travel around from places to places without anyone noticing it. If mold damage is left unmanaged, it can lead to some health issues.

Mold damage in Jacksonville can be a real problem for homeowners. People often think that they can clean out the excess water or put soap and water on a towel, and wipe the mold away from the floor or the walls. Unfortunately, these mold spores are microscopic, so they often go unnoticeable. This issue is why eradicating mold spores requires a specialist and advanced technology. It can be exhausting and expensive to learn all the information and to obtain the equipment on your own.

SERVPRO has highly trained technician who is experts in mold remediation. They can promptly get to your residential area and inspect it for any signs of mold. Because mold feeds on cellulose and can hide from plain sight, experts often use various technologies to detect mold spores and water sources. They may use negative air chamber to isolate contaminated sites with negative air and physical barriers. The negative pressure can prevent the mold from spreading during the cleaning process. During this process, all heating, cooling, and fans must be turned off to prevent the spread of spores.

SERVPRO techs can use sophisticated equipment such as air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to capture microscopic spores from the air. This process can prevent the mold spore from spreading throughout the remediation process. The technicians can also use antifungal and anti-microbial treatment to get rid of mold colonies and prevent new ones from forming. They can even get rid of carpeting and drywall that is severely infested by mold. The technicians can thoroughly clean your furniture, curtains, clothes, and other items that were contaminated. They can utilize special techniques to clean and sanitize your belongings.

If you want to save your property from mold damage, then call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at 904-762-8066 for a consultation with our skilled technicians.

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Why Carpeting Takes Severe Damage from Flood Damage in Jacksonville

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Why Carpeting Takes Severe Damage from Flood Damage in Jacksonville Flooding can damage your carpet if it is not dried out correctly. Call SERVPRO right after an incident to help salvage your carpeting.

Team SERVPRO Understands Carpet and How it can Get Damaged During Flooding

One of the most heavily impacted types of flooring in homes in Jacksonville following flood damage is carpeting. Whether the carpet is small, large, thin, or thick, it can sustain much more damage than other types of flooring and often requires complete replacement to make your home presentable again.

SERVPRO has dealt with countless cases of water and flood damage in Jacksonville over the years, and in the process, we have gained an advanced understanding of what makes carpeting so vulnerable. If your carpeted floor comes into contact with floodwater, you can expect one or more of these problems to arise.

Destruction of Underlying Materials
The fuzzy, colorful surface that comes into contact with your feet is only one layer of most types of carpeting, and often one of the least damaged. Much of the most extensive damage comes from the layers below the surface that are constructed of porous materials. When submerged in water, these materials can quickly begin to degrade, expand, and contract once dry. Although a fast response from SERVPRO can potentially save the home from this fate, most carpets are damaged beyond repair from these effects and must be replaced entirely.

Rapid Mold Growth
Although many parts of the home are at risk of developing mold growth after a flood, carpeting is the most likely place for an infestation to begin. Mold proliferates quickly in the damp, fibrous structure of all types of carpeting, and can even cause health effects in a relatively short time if a particularly harmful species begins to grow. Our technicians are experts in identifying signs of fungal infestation and, if called to the scene early enough, can eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.

Color Bleed
Although this is less of an issue with modern materials, many types of carpeting may still be damaged from color bleed. This is especially true for rugs and patterned materials that may see their colors mix and overlap. Fast drying and careful handling are essential to mitigate as much color bleed as possible.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South specializes in rapid response times to flooding to mitigate as much damage as possible in the hours following the disaster. Call us as soon as possible at (904) 762-8066.

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Restoring Flood Damages to a Town Center School

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoring Flood Damages to a Town Center School Flooding at a school prevents education. Contact SERVPRO right away and our technicians will mitigate the damage.

Team SERVPRO Responds Quickly to Your School Flooding Situation

The residents in the Town Center area are well aware of the potential and persistent threat of severe weather that can come quickly in from the Atlantic. With severe enough conditions along with damaging winds and heavy rainfall, bodies of water all around the region can rise and overflow. Even implements intended to carry runoff water safely out of the area can become clogged and fail to divert the dangers away from structures and houses, which can pose significant risk all at once. As the overseer of a school, water loss incidents can dramatically affect not only the buildings that you use but also the families of the students that attend the school as well. Taking care of this situation promptly is critical.

Commercial flood damages in Town Center can spread quickly and affect multiple areas of your school over just a brief period. In extreme conditions, multiple points of entry can provide a wide array of sources for our SERVPRO mitigation team to repair or seal up before the restoration work can officially begin. In these instances, it is essential to call our rapid response team immediately so that we can dispatch the appropriate personnel to start working on lessening the impact of this traumatic event.

One of the pressing concerns with floodwaters penetrating your school is the contents of the individual rooms. An area like the library could sustain damages to not only the carpeting of the area but also the furniture and the books throughout the room. Our SERVPRO technicians work in these instances to get at-risk items out of the facility to preserve them in a service known as packing out.

Ultimately extraction and drying play the most significant roles when it comes to restoring flood damages to your institution. While block and brick often are primary construction materials for the walls of your school, moisture detection equipment can help to determine problem areas that lie out of sight, even through materials that are more challenging for water to penetrate.

One of the most important things to remember is to act quickly in the event of a flood in your facility. With widespread flooding in the area, securing the services of our SERVPRO of Jacksonville South water restoration technicians can help you to get your institution up and running again as efficiently as possible. Give us a call anytime you need us at (904) 762-8066.

Choosing Relevant Cleaning Actions During Fire Damage Restoration In Baymeadows

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Choosing Relevant Cleaning Actions During Fire Damage Restoration In Baymeadows You need cleaning services as part of the restoration procedures after experiencing a fire damage incident.

Cleaning Actions During Fire Damage Restoration

You need cleaning services as part of the restoration procedures after experiencing a fire damage incident. Cleaning aims to remove the soils or any soot particles from the surface. Our technicians will go over some of the cleaning actions we perform when offering cleaning services in Baymeadows. Before we select a cleaning action, we first look at the type of smoke particles and the surface of your property.

When our SERVPRO technicians are cleaning non greasy particles during fire damage restoration in Baymeadows, we start by using mechanical actions. It is a process that dislodges particles from surfaces before we can employ other cleaning processes that involve the use of solvent-based or water-based cleaning agents. Sometimes, surfaces can create strong bonds with the particles if you start by using liquid cleaning products before dislodging the excess residues.

In some situations, we might decide to make the particles slippery through a method known as lubrication. By lubricating, the bond between the surface and the soils weakens, making the residues to slide into the detergents. In cases where a substance chemically changes when it comes into contact with another substance, our SERVPRO technicians use chemical action. We use this method when it is not possible to remove residues from surfaces without altering their chemical formula. Removing oxidized stain from wool carpeting and cotton are some of the examples where we apply chemical actions.

Our SERVPRO technicians can also apply suspension and dispersion when cleaning your property. We begin by loosening the residues and then suspend and disperse them in the detergent. After that, we extract the cleaning product and the soils. When choosing a cleaning product, we have to consider whether the particles can dissolve in water or solvent-based cleaning agents.

SERVPRO of Jacksonville South has highly trained and experienced restoration technicians who offer storm, mold, water, and fire damage restoration services. Call us at (904) 762-8066 and let us make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Remediating Flood Damage to Baymeadows Homes

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Remediating Flood Damage to Baymeadows Homes If your home suffers flood damage, contact SERVPRO right away for effective remediation services which may include boarding up any broken windows.

Team SERVPRO Follows a Proven Process When Drying Out Your Home After a Flood

Flooding in Baymeadows happens quickly. Storms can drop thousands of gallons on a home in just a few hours, and the winds from even a minor storm can shatter windows, causing more damage.
Remediating Baymeadows flood damage to preserve the home and property requires quick action. SERVPRO restoration teams follow an emergency response plan that stops further damage from happening, removes floodwater, and begins repairs to the carpets and floor.
First, our technicians secure the structure. After performing an exterior inspection, they cover roof damage with either plywood or waterproof tarpaulins and then board up broken windows, doors, and other entry points. This action prevents further water intrusion and also keeps out any nearby wildlife from setting up a new home in the attic or other parts of the home.
As the last plywood sheet goes up over a window, other team members begin removing any standing water. Depending on the amount of water in the home, technicians use one of the commercial grade water pumps from our equipment inventory. Sizes range from a pump that can sit on a deck with a portable generator, to a truck mounted pump that runs off the engine. All of them can operate continuously until the water is gone.
Now, SERVPRO technicians extract water from carpets and floors. They use extraction wands with adjustable speed to draw out water quickly without separating carpet layers, or drying wood floors too quickly, causing cracking or splintering. The devices also contain an adjustable heating element to start drying them as well carefully.
After extraction, technicians treat surfaces that were underwater. If there are any furniture stains on the carpet, they remove them first and then examine the back of it for delamination. If there is no damage, they replace the carpet. For wood floors, specialists examine the floorboards for swelling, cracking, and other signs of damage. If the damage is minor, they can remove it by hand or use an electric sander, and then refinish the affected floorboards. For major damage, replacing the affected floorboards is the cost-effective option.
For SERVPRO of Jacksonville South, the goal is to remove water and begin repairs as quickly as possible. If you have any damage from recent or older flooding, contact us today at (904) 762-8066 to help return your home to its pre-flood condition.

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Water Damage Experts Out Of Baymeadows Explain Why Restoration Is So Important

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Experts Out Of Baymeadows Explain Why Restoration Is So Important Baymeadow and Jacksonville Benefit from SERVPRO's Fast Water Damage Mitigation Service

Baymeadows Condo Owners Know the Importance of Fast Water Removal Services to Mitigate Damages

If a pipe bursts inside your Baymeadows condo, water can flood out your home ruining many things in its path. Once excessive moisture gets into your living area, it can cause considerable inconvenience. The longer items stay wet; the worse problems can get.
Any time a property gets damaged by moisture, it is an upsetting event for the homeowner. We at SERVPRO know that any time water damage occurs in Baymeadows, the typical lifestyle of residents gets severely disrupted. When things indoors get wet, it is possible that the event can cause health concerns for some people.
Moisture has a destructive effect on most building materials and contents. If the water problems are not treated promptly, more items can get ruined. Being able to restore a water-damaged building is a valuable service to you the homeowner and your insurance company. If the proper equipment and techniques get used, it is possible in many instances, but not all, to prevent the costly replacement of building materials and contents.
Our SERVPRO technicians have the training, expertise, and specialized equipment to properly dry and restore water-damaged structures. We know that if we do not resolve the issues correctly that water can cause much worse damage over time. We commit to on-going education and stay well versed on all of the latest technology of the industry.
During any restoration project, we know that working directly with you and your insurance company is vital. We know how to listen to the concerns of all parties involved and come up with an overall work plan that satisfies everyone. When completing a job involving excessive moisture, we always follow the IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration.
This guide provides fundamental principles for remediating structures affected by water. The first step outlined, is to provide for the safety of all workers and occupants. The second step is to keep accurate records of all the work procedures starting on day one of the loss. Then, our SERVPRO technicians complete mitigation which includes fixing the source of the water leak and extracting excess moisture. After the original issues get mitigated, we dry out building materials and contents using specialized industrial equipment.
The final step is the cleaning and repair stage. After moisture levels of contents and building materials are returned to what they were before the loss took place, things like drywall patches, painting, and carpet installation get completed. Before we leave any job site, we complete a final cleaning and deodorization process so that your home is 100% back to normal, whenever possible. To prevent future problems after a water leak, call SERVPRO of Jacksonville South at (904) 762-8066 24/7.

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Fast Water Damage Restoration for a Jacksonville School

7/22/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Fast Water Damage Restoration for a Jacksonville School Accidents happen quickly in a school environment. If your school suffers a water damage event, contact SERVPRO right away for remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Technicians Understand That Time is of the Essence When Dealing With Water Damage in a School Setting

The schools in the Jacksonville area can often be more prone to water damage incidents than residences are. With so many students and faculty members, a slight mistake can lead to the need for immediate and thorough cleaning. Custodial staff works around the clock for your facilities, but sometimes professional restoration can help you achieve results more quickly than the limited resources of your custodians can offer.

Regardless of how the commercial water damage occurred to your Jacksonville institution, cleaning up the mess efficiently is a top priority. The faster that you can eliminate the water from the affected area, the less damage and added tasks exist for the restoration portion of the project. Our SERVPRO team of qualified technicians can help you clean up the mess and get the area thoroughly dried as promptly as possible.

As a representative for the school, you must keep the facilities in top form for the students and faculty that you employ. With even moderate sized schools, custodians are stretched thin attempting to keep up with the everyday maintenance tasks, general cleaning, and repairs the institution requires.

Not to mention should the water damage incident penetrate into wall cavities or beneath the flooring, traditional cleaning approaches are inadequate to thoroughly dry out the water. Improperly drying up the dampness or persistent moisture can allow for instances of mold growth and mildew to form. These unsavory circumstances can be significant enough to close the school for removal and remediation.

Fortunately, our SERVPRO professionals can appreciate the need for your facility to be fully functional and restored as quickly as possible. That is an assurance that our technicians respond quickly and leave the affected area "Like it never even happened."

School representatives in the area have many threats to the facility such as severe weather systems and potential flooding. A smaller-scale water damage incident inside the building can also get handled by the same professionals you trust to bring you through the worst of disasters. Give our SERVPRO of Jacksonville South team a call anytime at (904) 762-8066.

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Removing Mold And Remediating Damage in Jacksonville Properties

7/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing Mold And Remediating Damage in Jacksonville Properties HEPA Filtration Systems Are Utilized by SERVPRO for Mold Remediation in Jacksonville

SERVPRO Provides Industry Leading Technologies and Equipment for Mold Damage Cleanup and Disinfecting

Removing a mold infestation and remediating its effects from Jacksonville homes requires professional service. When the mold has spread through an attic or into several rooms, it takes much more than a gallon of bleach and a new coat of paint to return a home to its original condition.

Jacksonville mold damage can occur anywhere, in any home. All mold spores need is a minimal amount of moisture to expand and grow. Once it starts, the mold begins moving outward, looking for a food source. SERVPRO restoration teams use the latest remediation methods and equipment to return each home to a clean, safe condition.

First, our teams stop the growth by eliminating the source of water. The cause is usually from a damaged pipe or a leaky connection. Our technicians can tighten connections and perform many minor repairs to sinks, toilets, and other plumbing. If the leak is a major issue, however, the restoration team leader recommends hiring a licensed plumber to make repairs.

Next, SERVPRO technicians neutralize and remove existing mold. In most areas of the home, technicians start by spraying the mold and affected surfaces with an anti-fungal cleaning agent. In most areas of the home, they follow-up by wiping down the surfaces with a dry or damp sponge. When the mold layer is thick, technicians use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. This specialized filter is designed to trap mold spores, and can even capture a single spore off surfaces.

For mold found in the attic, one of the newest removal methods available is soda blasting. Similar to sandblasting, technicians use sodium bicarbonate in a pressure abrasive blaster to remove mold from roof supports and the attic floor. After completion, technicians use a vacuum and HEPA filter to remove everything.

If mold has infested the attic insulation, our technicians remove it immediately. While it is possible to neutralize the mold spores with an anti-fungal spray, the liquid also compacts the insulation and reduces its effectiveness in keeping the home cool in the summer.

After discovering mold, every homeowner needs to bring a professional restoration company. SERVPRO of Jacksonville South is here to help you return your home to its original, pre-mold condition. If you need us, call (904) 762-8066 today.

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