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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

Five stars!

Noah Rivera called and came by our home quickly to assess the damages. He gave us a game plan and his contact info. Very nice and professional. As promised, SERVPRO returned before Christmas. Ray LaChapelle and Tim Cook were kind, professional, worked quickly, and did a great job. These guys have been nothing less than Awesome!!! Thank you SERVPRO!


Jonathan (Jon) and Robert was amazing at providing quality customer service, and services with SERVPRO. They helped smooth out our already uncomfortable situation, and definitely put our minds at ease. Thanks Jonathan and Robert, it was a real treat working with individuals who take provide in their work, and mannerism. Amazing job well done guys!!!!


Jason S. was amazing throughout this entire experience. He worked quickly, quietly, and efficiently. Jason is someone we would love to have again but hopefully wouldn't have to. Overall a wonderful experience!


Will Myers did a great job for us.


Will Myers was our project manager and made this a great experience in an otherwise very stressful situation.


My home has never looked better, I thank you for even taking the time to wipe down all the surfaces after reconstruction for an added finished touch. No wonder you’ve got such a good reputation.

I didn’t realize how much worse things could have been without your immediate response in the middle of the night. Thank you so much for the prompt response to our emergency. 

Our house flooded last night. Marlon and Jason saved the day! Thank you both for your quick response and excellent work getting all of the water out of the house. We couldn't have done it without y'all!

We can't thank SERVPRO enough for their quick response to our needs after Hurricane Irma. Pauline arrived at out building shortly after our staff did, the morning after the hurricane, to check on us and see what SERVPRO could do to help. We knew she was there for us and her proactive approach was so appreciated. The SERVPRO team was with us every step of the way, from assessment, restoration and providing us with reports of completed work. We truly look at SERVPRO as one of our partners, not just as a service provider. 

We appreciate the immediate response of your team and willingness to work in tandem with the national disaster recovery team to do whatever it took to get the building up and running as quickly as possible. You are all responsive, organized and professional which is helpful in highly stressful crisis situations. Kudos for a job well done. 

Tracy did a great job, especially with his patience due to the challenge of hanging this particular door. He even told me when he left; He wanted to put another coat of paint on it as he noticed some areas that need it. He was so neat and clean, etc.! Gosh I can't say enough. All of you have been so polite. A whole different experience than what I went through in 2009.